Beware of misleading operational cost, rely on trusted transportation provider

Hundreds of millions of rupiahs were gradually stolenby an employee in Surabaya, using service fee as a reason to fool his company that expected a trusted transportation provider. It turned out that the service fee was a fake.

The management eventually found out that the vehicle repair shops listed on the service notes did not exist, as "Surabaya" reported on the article "Embezzlement revealed after 6 years of faking maintenance of the company's cars".

The suspect admitted to gaining Rp200 million from the embezzlement. Whereas, internal audit has shown that the company had suffered Rp600 million.

"We are still gathering evidence to find out the amount of loss,” Surabaya Police Public Relations Head Commissioner Lily Djafarsaid on Monday (April 25, 2016).

Such loss is not a new thing for a company. If a service fee can get unmonitored, then other menial costs are also prone to be embezzled, for example toll fee or parking fee.

Even though many companies rent cars to avoid the hurdles of maintenance, there is still a need for a true trusted transportation provider since the companies still have to take care of toll fees, fuel cost, parking fees, and other operational costs.

These problems have been a concern for rental car company TRAC after 31 years in the industry.

TRAC has established an integrated Transportation Management System in 2008 to offer a solution.

The system can help to manage the fuel’s operational cost, usage, related administration process, and even analysis.

The system is also able to monitor other expenses, such as toll fees, so they can be controlled and accounted for, and it also helps to solve a problem of driver's absence.

The system is also supported by varioustested applications such as GPS, WAP, Carmen, R-Mail, Centro, and Avationto detect vehicle movements and other things.

Then, the analysis report will be based on a "plan, do, check, and action" work system that allows for continuous improvement.

All of the above needs can be chosen as a package. Customers can also choose only the services that they need among those TRAC provides. TRAC as a trusted transportation provider has shown the ability to design a new different thing to meet the customers' needs.