The reasons why prefer to buy used cars

The sales of used cars as means of transportation in Indonesia are still going on with a significant number.

The result ofa market analysisfor Southeast Asia shows that the used car sales in Indonesia are above other countries’ sales.

In 2015, Indonesia topped the used car sales with 3,093,873used cars sold,according to the data collected by

Indonesia ranked above Thailand with 2,398,896 cars and Malaysia with 2,000,022 cars.

There are many reasons why people prefer used cars as their means of transportation; one of them is price issue.

JD Power’s study of Indonesia Sales Satisfaction Index in 2016 reported that the selling price of a new vehicle is 11% more expensive compared to the previous year’s average.

The latest study in 2017 by the same company showed that this trend continues. This year, people take more time in deciding to buy new carsbecause they are considering the prices.

“This study finds that costumers are taking more time to close the final price and deal with the authorized dealer,” JD Power Indonesia said in a press release.

According to the data, 52% of consumers needsone month before deciding to buynew cars in 2017, whilethe rest takes longer time to decide.

As a comparison, the number of consumers who take one month before deciding to buy new cars reached 61% in 2016.

Apart from the price issue, used carsmay have better features, especially if the cars were previously classified as luxurious. With features such asthe availability of touch screen as entertainment complement, keyless entry, and other luxury features, it is possible that the price is quite similar tothe price of the latest cars with fewer features.

Safety features, aside from being a kind of prestige, also have added value. For instance, the car may not only provide seat belt, but also airbags that are available on every sides, as well as other features such asanti-lock braking system (ABS) and object sensor.

However, to get cars with all those features, buyers should pay attention to seller’s warranty,whether the modern engine still functions properly, the car has not been involved in accident or flood, the odometer has not been tampered with, and the documents are guaranteed.

All above is guaranteed if consumers buy used cars through mobil88, a subsidiary of PT Serasi Autoraya’s (SERA) that deals with the trade of used cars. The company will answer the consumer’s desire to have used cars as guaranteed means of transportation with prestige and quality.