Solution in selling company vehicles assets

Companies rely on operational cars to fulfilltheir employees’ needs for transportation, whether in business districts, urban areas, or mining sites.

Various types of vehicles are available as options: MPV, sedan for managers, largecars like double cab pickup for non-asphalt road, or cargo vehicles like trucks.

Companies that choose to buy operational cars rather than to rent them certainly need to conduct maintenance until these vehicles need to be sold or auctioned to individual buyers or other companies.

If the number of vehicles is small,the company orits general affairs department can handle the sale or auction by themselves.

However, if there are tens or hundreds of vehicles, then it will be troublesome for the company to hold their own auction.

Moreover, there are several requirements to be fulfilled to sell or auction cars.

For instance, the company must prepare all the documents and be ready to answer all the questions from bidders.

These documents must be prepared because buyers will have to change the ownership status of the vehicles.

“The required documents include ID card, vehicle ownership document (BPKB) and its copy, vehicle registration document (STNK) and its copy, relinquishment deed (if the vehicles were registered under company’s name),” said Fiki Sabbas Purnomo, Alliances Executive of IBID-Balai Lelang Serasi, an auction house under Serasi Autoraya.

In addition, the auction process will take a long time. The company should prepare the auction place, especially if the officeisalready crowded after buying new vehicles.

However, if the company uses the service of auction house, then the auction house will provide the place and staff. Moreover, the vehicles will be listed so that bidders can choose which vehicle to buy.

Most importantly, the auction process will run systematically, sincean auction houselike IBID, a subsidiary of Astra, operates according to the rules, from the process of selection, purchase, to payment.

Therefore, the company only needs to entrust their cars to auction house and then wait to receive the money after the auction is complete.