Facing Competition, Companies Start Digital Transformation

Technological development has changed how people behave in fulfilling their daily needs. Nowadays, people can do many things using digital access which is practical and easy.

For example, now people are in the habit of buying food, buying new shoes, or calling AC repairmen through hand-held devices. Everything can be done thanks to digitalization that has been rampant for the past few years.

According to a report by We Are Social in January 2018, it is recorded that almost 50% of the total Indonesian population of 265.4 million people are already using the internet. This figure increased by 13% since last year.

This data is one of the proofs that Indonesians are increasingly adapting to an all-digital life.

In fact, Communication and Information Minister Rudiantara stated that around 90% regencies/cities in Indonesia are already connected to the internet.

"The target is that in 2019, all regencies/cities in Indonesia are connected to high-speed backbone network," Rudiantara said, as quoted from Times Indonesia, Sunday (February 25).

Looking at the great market potential, various business sectors then started to go to stay in the competition.

Want it or not, conventional companies have started to cultivate knowledge to apply digitalization in business process. This means that competition will get tighter because companies are racing to offer the convenience of tech-based services.

Moreover, Indonesia is currently enjoying demographic bonus which is predicted to reach its height in 2030, when the millennials are dominating.

Therefore, companies must come to terms with technology and try to adapt. They need to study the behaviors of Generation Y which has started to become the largest market.

Also, regulations are now getting more flexible in consideration of the digital phenomenon. Job opportunities are also expanding, generating a positive trend in economic growth.

This chance is taken advantage of by TRAC, a subsidiary of PT Serasi Autoraya (SERA). TRAC as car rental service provider already offers an easy way to make reservation online, special for individual customers.

Getting reliable transportation from TRAC is easy through the official can be accessed anywhere, anytime. It is hoped that TRAC can give optimum service to the customers.