Auction Offers Easy Way to Buy Car

We can buy used cars not only in dealerships but also through auction houses. This might provide a solution for those who want to buy cars below market prices.

Currently, car auction is still a foreign concept for many people. IBID Chief Operation Officer Daddy Doxa Manurung said that out of the many bidders, retail or individual customers usually only make up 10% of the number. “The rest are used car sellers,” he said.

He said that many people think obtaining a car from an auction is too troublesome. This is not true, he assured, because purchasing a car from an auction will actually make it easier for customers, because there are more options to choose from than in a showroom.

While a showroom can only display a maximum of several dozens of cars, an auction house can provide hundreds of options. Not only that, auctioned cars are sold as they are. Customers can then understand more about the risks and conditions of the cars offered in an auction.

Doxa added that, in terms of legality, cars sold at an auction are more assuring. Doxa asserted that auctions sell vehicles with complete documents. Even when there is a document that is missing, like the vehicle registration or ownership certificate, the buyer only needs to bring the receipt from the auction to the nearest Samsat (one-roof system office) to have the missing document made, Doxa explained.

IBID-Balai Lelang Serasi also offers another convenience to auction winners through partnership with document services company near the auction house. It is hoped that this facility can give a feeling of security and convenience to auction bidders, especially those who are still doubtful about cost estimation for ownership handover of a vehicle.

Prices of auctioned cars can also be more affordable for customers, because they can be lower than the prices offered by dealerships. It is also easy to join an auction. Customers can directly visit the auction house to check the conditions of the cars with their own eyes.

In case of IBID, customers can visit 10 IBID auction houses in many cities across Indonesia or directly access its official website Afterwards, customers only need to register themselves as a bidder by paying a deposit of Rp5 million. When they’re registered, they will be given an auction participant number (NPL). The process has become more convenient because it can be done online.

Doxa explained that auctions of used cars do not differ much from auctions in general. “Customers can bid for a higher price, with increment starting from Rp500,000, and keep on going until the bidding is closed,” he said.

Automotive industry expert Dewa Yuniardi said that purchasing cars through auction is increasingly becoming a preferred alternative for customers. However, customers need to carefully ensure that the car they’re aiming for is in a good condition, including its history of usage, before they bid for it.

Before bidding, customers should also find information about the market price of the car they’re targeting. They can use the information as a benchmark during the auction to prevent them from bidding higher than the market price.

“Buyers need to be careful and check the car down to the details. And the most important of all, check whether the documents of the used car are complete,” Dewa said, as quoted by Republika (October 14, 2016).

IBID-Balai Lelang Serasi provides information through various platforms about the cars that will be auctioned. One of the ways is through an open house that is routinely held a couple of days before the auction. During the event, potential buyers get an opportunity to check the condition of the cars they’re targeting. These cars have been thoroughly inspected by IBID. The report of the inspection is put on every car to make it easier for customers to see.

IBID has also gone digital, providing a site for customers to easily browse for cars that will be auctioned. They can prepare early for an auction through the website They can register, browse for cars, choose auction schedule, and make payment without having to go to IBID.

IBID, which is a subsidiary of PT Serasi Autoraya (SARA) under Astra, routinely auctions various vehicles, heavy equipment, and gadgets. IBID holds auction every week, totaling up to 50 auctions in one month. IBID auction network has spread to more than 30 cities in Indonesia.

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