SERA Launches Astra Fleet Management Solution

Jakarta – PT Serasi Autoraya (SERA) officially launched Astra Fleet Management Solution (AstraFMS) on Thursday (January 31) in Grand Hyatt, Central Jakarta. SERA management, as well as invited journalists, attended the launch.

“Thank you to our journalist friends who’ve made the time to attend this AstraFMS launch,” SERA President Director Yosafat Siregar welcomed the guests.

In his opening speech, Yosafat explained about the brief history of AstraFMS, which was initiated in 2014. At that time, SERA wanted to develop services and products that are more than just vehicle rental.

“We wanted to make a platform-based business. We didn’t understand (how). But thankfully, after a journey of ups and downs, without depending on others but Astra’s own men and women, we managed to prove that tapping into digital products is not merely a dream,” Yosafat continued.

Through the event, he said, SERA wanted to give its best in promoting AstraFM. “We’re building awareness, because we want the people and transportation users to be helped by AstraFMS.”

After the welcoming speech, the event was continued with the introduction to AstraFMS by SERA Director Hadi Winarto. He said that AstraFMS was born as an answer to the problems that have been faced by SERA Group’s customers, especially from the business lines TRAC and SELOG.

Hadi described a case that once happened. A company had 3,000 trucks and 4,000 drivers to deliver the various products needed by its customers.

“Then I asked them (the business owners), what problems were they facing? How long was the down time of a truck? How many routes were efficient and how many were not? Were they paying their drivers’ overtime properly? How much field cost must be paid and was the amount correct?” Hadi told the audience.

Surprisingly, he continued, the business owners did not know the answers to all the questions. For them, what’s most important was that the products could reach their customers’ hands.

“When I asked again whether they had estimations on when the goods would arrive, they said ‘no’. Even with all these problems, they thought that their business was doing well, as long as the products reached the destinations,” Hadi said.

He continued with another example: a banking company had 1,000 passenger cars used for the operations of marketing staffers and other administrative purposes. Then how to make sure that the transportation was used efficiently?

“From this pain point, we assessed four main problems: vehicle and driver management, cost control, operational excellence, and safety and security management,” Hadi said.

He noted that even some big companies running on sophisticated system can still have troubles when it comes to transportation management. Many companies are even still using manual system.

“They don’t have any quick measures to prevent crimes that can happen during a journey, for instance hijacking or accident. Early detection is not possible, so the shipped goods can be lost or damaged,” Hadi explained.

As a solution to all the problems, SERA through AstraFMS offers a complete management system, consisting of Driver, Operation, and Vehicle Management.

“Similar products on offer in the market so far are more similar to tracking system – which is an outdated technology. AstraFMS is different because we are not a GPS company and not a company that sells data package either. Our business is transportation,” Hadi stated.

AstraFMS can manage the vehicle, the driver, and the system. “All data are processed in the command center. We can give more accurate data analytics and reporting to our customers,” he continued.

AstraFMS can track car movement with real-time visibility. “What we record is any unsafe action occurring during the journey. We can detect them earlier.”

Some of AstraFMS features are also supported by SERA’s excellence. Hadi said that SERA has at least three sources of strength: resources, business network and infrastructure, and investment in technology.

“We have more than 30 years of experience. We collect and study the details of information from the customers. This competence cannot be gained merely by investing in a ready product. Experience cannot be bought,” Hadi said. Hence, SERA is able to invest in appropriate technology.

Besides, he said, SERA’s logistics business (SELOG) and TRAC are supported by more than 500 automobile repair shop partners. “We also routinely carry out assessment on our partners.”

With those points of excellence, Hadi hoped that AstraFMS can be a solution for companies to improve the efficiency of transportation cost, as well as to increase business productivity.

Please click this link for further information about AstraFMS.