Make Business or Holiday Trip Convenient by Renting a Car

Employees who often go on business trips surely understand that finding transportation is often troublesome. It is not rare that the problem becomes complicated, with the issues of price, availability, and mobility. To be safe and comfortable during business trip, renting a car can be the right solution.

By using rental service, many benefits can be gained, including convenience and efficiency. Employees who go on business trips no longer need to think about using which kind of transportation to conduct their business activities.

Moreover, using car rental service allows company to save money, compared to using public transportation, because one of the benefits of using rental service is long-term rent.

Especially when the employee has busy schedule, renting car makes it easier for them to manage their time. If they use public transportation, they have to follow the determined schedule and route.

Not only for business trip, renting car can also be beneficial for holiday trip with the family. You can maximize the quality time with your family without having to look for public transportation in order to move from places to places.

To ensure smooth journey, company or potential customer must pay attention to several things, including choosing a trusted rental company to avoid fraud. “Therefore, look for a car rental company that is trusted and proven to be honest. You can look for it on the internet, usually car rental company that has their own website can be trusted,” as quoted from, Sunday (July 3, 2016).

When renting a car, you will be given the option of renting with or without driver. If you want to focus on work when you are on a business trip or on family when you are on a holiday trip, then it is better to use the service of a driver. Several car rental companies offer this facility, including TRAC, one of the business units of PT Serasi Autoraya (SERA).

By using the service of a driver, you can save your energy when going on a business or a holiday trip. Furthermore, you can minimalize the risk of getting lost when driving. Regarding this risk, the driver’s skills have important roles. As a trusted company, TRAC provides drivers with high-quality service.

When renting, you do not need to go to the counter, because TRAC has launched TRAC To Go app which makes it more convenient for people who want to rent cars. This app for renting cars, buses, and airport transfer can help various needs, including renting car daily.

SERA and TRAC-Astra Rent a Car Director Hadi Winarto said that the app is not only user-friendly, but it also has many features. "Previously, on the website you could only see the cars, if you wanted to make a booking, it would take a long time. Information on availability was also not real time, but now it is.So, the likeliness of getting a car to rent is higher," Hadi said (, Thursday (May 9, 2019).

Satisfaction can be gained more with a special promo of chauffeur service presented by TRAC To Go and TRAC website. Renting a Toyota Avanza with driver is charged Rp500,000 per 10 hours, while renting a Toyota Alphard with driver is charged Rp950,000 per 10 hours. 

The promo period lasts until August for booking and until September for renting. The promo applies on both working days and weekends in four large cities, which are Jakarta, Bandung, Medan, and Surabaya.

Looking for a car rental for your travel needs? Makes use of the promo from TRAC and make reservation now on