Car Rental Trend in Digital Era

Digitalization nowadays is inevitable. Almost all business segments are affected by the advance of technology, and car rental is not immune to it. Now you can rent a car through your device anytime, anywhere.

Paramadina University Rector and economist Firmanzah said that the trend is linked to the demand for companies to innovate and keep up with the times, especially amid technology’s continuous development.

In catching up with technology, Firmanzah said, the first step that a company must do is to evaluate its business strategy. It means that it has to follow today’s development trend, in terms of both growth target and investment plan that certainly involves technology.

Second, Firmanzah continued, the decision to use technology for business processes must be supported by technological awareness of the employees. “For instance, a company can hold training, workshop, or benchmarking so that employees can increase their competency in using technology,” he said, as quoted from (September 22, 2017).

Not only advantageous for the business, digitalization also helps the people who nowadays want to rent a car quickly and easily. That is why TRAC Astra Rent a Car launched the application TRAC To Go that makes it easier for people to rent a car. The app for renting cars and buses and booking airport transfer service can help you whether in doing business or going on a vacation.

SERA and TRAC-Astra Rent a Car Director Hadi Winarto said that their app is not only user-friendly, but also rich in features. “Previously, on our website you could only see the cars we had, and it took a long time to book a car. The availability was not shown in real time either. However, now you can see it in real time on the app, so the chances of being able to rent a car are higher,” Hadi said (, May 9, 2019).

Through the application, Hadi added, customers can also choose a car based on clear information, especially what car is available in what city and how many are available. Moreover, customers can directly settle payment through the app.

The various benefits are surely hard to get when you use drop-off or app-based transportation service. You often find it hard to find a car at certain times, for instance, at midnight or during the rush hours. Furthermore, you can only take one route every time you order a car; this is different from renting a car, which allows you to go to several places in one go.

Renting a car also allows you more privacy than an online taxi. You can choose the type and the specifications of the car you want by yourself.

There are also options of renting a car with or without a driver for the safety and the comfort of customers. Meanwhile, for bus rent, there are various buses available, from small buses with 13 seats to large buses with 59 seats. “We want to give extra satisfaction to our customers, so they won’t find renting a car difficult. We want to be more reachable by the people,” Hadi said.

TRAC, a business line of PT Serasi Autoraya (SERA) that provides trusted vehicle rental service, tries to facilitate the people’s need for a comfortable holiday. TRAC offers vehicles of various types and high-quality service.

The services can be enjoyed by both individual and corporate customers. TRAC can be an ideal option that fulfills people’s need for transportation anytime.

Until now, TRAC offers 40,000 cars that include SUVs, MPVs, and buses. TRAC also offers renting a car with or without a driver, depending on what the customer needs.

With routine maintenance, all TRAC cars are guaranteed to be ready for use. TRAC also always prioritizes customers’ safety and comfort and provides travel insurance for all customers.