Solution to Own a Car with Affordable Price in the New Year

New year, new car. Not a few people choose to buy used cars instead of new cars to “welcome” the new year. There are many reasons, such as faster acquisition process and more affordable prices with maintained quality. 

However, buying a used car must be done carefully and not in a rush. You must choose the car based on your financial condition and needs.

According to automotive website Edmunds cited by (October 20, 2018), there are at least 40 million used cars changing hands every year. Therefore, choosing used car can be challenging and must be done thoroughly.

You have to consider not only the condition of the used car, but also the payment method. “If you want to pay in installments, it is better that the monthly installment is no more than 20% of your salary,” wrote.

This is because buying a used car will mean extra costs, including for additional maintenance or spare part change, in addition to fuel cost and insurance cost.

The first step to buying a used car is making a list of needs and budget. “For example, what type of car you want, for what kind of terrain, and to accommodate how many people, wrote (October 18, 2019).

Based on those needs, you need to calculate the maximum budget to purchase the used car.

Next, find out the market price of the car you want. The price of a used car is usually within the range of the market price, depending on the condition and production year. Then, make an initial offer with a price that is Rp5 million lower than the market price. If needed, ask other people like your spouse or friends for help. 

You also must be detailed about the car’s documents. You should check first the vehicle registration document (STNK), vehicle ownership document (BPKB), and other documents by photocopying those documents and check them to the nearest police office or Vehicle Document Registration Center (Samsat) before conducting the transaction.

Buying a used car does need patience. Thus, be diligent in checking the price of the car you want in several used car dealerships. However, make sure that the dealership is professional and trusted. 

With the convenience provided by technology, looking for a used car can certainly be done via websites and apps, so it will save time. For example, mobil88 e-store which provides complete data of the used cars it offers. 

Various features are available on mobil88e-store, from booking feature, which allows you to book the car you want, to loan calculator, which will help you make calculation in a more practical way. These features are also beginner friendly.

If you are confused, you can make use of Live Chat feature. This feature will connect you with the sales staff directly.

One of the interesting features presented by mobil88 e-store is 360o interior view. With sophisticated technology, this feature allows you to check the interior of the car more comprehensively. 

Under PT Serasi Autoraya (SERA) that is affiliated with PT Astra Internasional, mobil88 is open to anyone who wants to buy high-quality used cars. As of now, 20 branches of mobil88 showroom are available in Indonesia’s large cities.

As a showroom with more than 30 years of experience, mobil88 dares to give buyback guarantee that the car has not been involved in an accident or a flood. The chassis and engine numbers are also guaranteed to match the numbers stated in STNK and BPKB. The odometer has not been rolled back either.