In Addition to Car and Motorcycle, Now You Can Join Gadget Auction in IBID

Indonesian people are starting to become familiar with auction. One of the trusted auction halls is Balai Lelang Serasi (IBID) that has been established in 2007.  As an auction hall under Astra group, IBID always creates an innovation, namely regarding auction service, process, and object. 

Since its establishment, IBID is known well as an auction hall that sells used vehicles like cars and motorcycles, but IBID also auctions other items as well.

Auction has become one of the community’s choices when it comes to looking for used vehicles, and they also search for other items besides cars. Hence, IBID also sells heavy equipment, such as vehicles used in the mining area, construction area, plantation, and others. 

Not only that, but IBID also presents gadget and electronic device auction. In July 2020, IBID auctioned various types of gadget and electronic device via online with Timed Auction method, meaning that the auction lasted several days and it was exclusively held at IBID’s application. 

So what kind of electronic devices are being sold at IBID?

1. Handphone

In IBID, you can select various used smartphones, from old models to the latest ones. There are various brands with different specifications that can be chosen according to your needs.

2. Laptop

In this New Normal era, laptop has become one of the gadgets needed by those who want to work or conduct teaching and learning activities from home. There are many laptops that you can choose from at IBID’s auction. You just need to choose the one that is suitable for your need and budget. 

3. Tablet/iPad

Aside from handphone and laptop, the previous IBID gadget auction also included Tablet or iPad. Its leaner form compared to laptop is the reason why tablet is easier to carry anywhere. Those who like to watch multimedia or play games would benefit from it as a tablet’s screen is bigger than a smartphone.

4. Camera

Lastly, camera. Those who want a camera to be used for creating social media content can try to look for one at IBID. Several types of camera, from mirrorless that is frequently used by vloggers, to DSLR that is commonly used by professional photographers and videographers, are available at IBID.

So those are several gadgets that can be found at IBID’s previous gadget auction. Very interesting, right? For those who weren’t able to participate in IBID’s gadgets and electronic devices, there is no need to worry as other gadget auctions will be held. For further information regarding the next gadget auction, you can keep an eye on IBID’s application or website at