Reasons Why the End of the Year is the Right Time to Buy a Car

Those who are looking to buy a new car must do a research and make a comparison between similar cars. But most people do not think about the right time to buy a car. 

Buying a car should not be done hastily, as cars are not cheap. Therefore, you must think cleverly so that you won’t regret any decisions. 

A lot of people still wonder about the right time to buy a car. Most would probably suggest buying a car at the end of the year. Why is the end of the year the right time to buy a car? Here are some reasons for that.

Lots of promos and discounts

Why most people usually buy a car at the end of the year? It’s because at the end of the year, car manufacturers will try to reach their sales target. To stimulate consumers’ interest, the manufacturers would offer attractive promos like down payment discounts, low car credit installment, prize, and lottery.

Time for family vacation

The second reason is that the end of the year is a time for a family vacation, meaning that the need for vehicles usually increases before Christmas and New Year holidays. Rather than renting a car to go back to your hometown, it might be better to prepare to buy a car before the holidays. 

But remember, never buy a car if it’s already close to religious holidays or long holidays. It is likely that the car that you want would be sold out or would be delivered to your house after the holidays.

Production year 

As the start of the year is often used as a moment to launch new vehicles, the prices of old vehicles will decrease. It’s just like buying clothes, if a model is not in season anymore, then it will be sold with lots of discounts to empty the stock. It goes the same for car prices, if the production year has passed then the seller will give a discount so that the car can be sold quickly. 

Used car becomes the best solution 

If you have limited funds, don’t force yourself to buy a new car. It’s better to buy a used vehicle. There are two reasons why the end of the year is the right time to buy a used car. First, the price of used cars decreases as there are lots of new car brands that will be launched. Second, used car dealers need to ramp up sales as high as possible in the holiday season.

One of the best places to buy a used car at the end of the year is mobil88. One of the advantages of buying a used car in mobil88 is its fast and hassle-free process. For example, regarding car documents. Yes, if you buy a new car, you must wait for the issuance of the license plate and BPKB (Proof of Motor Vehicle Ownership). It can take weeks or even months.

That is not the case with used cars. For vacation purposes, the documents of a used car are very easy to process. You can even receive STNK (Vehicle Registration Certificate), license plate, and BPKB on the day you bought the car. 

You don’t need to come to mobil88’s showroom, as you can conduct sale and purchase transactions of used cars through mobil88 e-store. There is a COD (Car on Delivery) facility that can bring your ideal car to your house for checking and test drive. 

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