Liburan Road Trip Jadi Pilihan Masyarakat saat Pandemi

The pandemic that occurs this year causes a lot of people to stay at home and conduct their activities from home. But it cannot be denied that we still need to entertain ourselves. For safe travel, a road trip with a private vehicle becomes the choice of many people when they want to go out of town, especially because going on an airplane is still very risky. 

Moreover, car travel is facilitated by toll roads connecting Java island. Even Sumatra has been connected by toll road since Bakauheni Port. That is why road trip becomes a favorite for the people during the pandemic. 

Road trip destinations that are beginning to become popular are Puncak, Bogor, Bandung, Yogyakarta, Malang, and Bali. The interest of domestic tourists starts to pull tourist destinations out of adversity. 

If you want to go on a vacation by car, make sure that your car’s condition is in a clean and safe condition. Don’t let your trip be interrupted in the middle of the road due to some trivial problems. 

If you can’t be bothered, you can choose to use a rental car. Make sure to use TRAC’s services, which is one of the business lines of PT Serasi Autoraya (SERA). 

TRAC’s car rental service provides unquestionable comfort and safety for its users amid the pandemic, both for a family vacation and an official trip with colleagues. 

TRAC also adheres to physical distancing regulation, namely a car can only carry one driver and three passengers. Meanwhile, a medium-sized vehicle can carry one driver and eight passengers. A bus can carry one driver and 13-27 passengers, depending on its size. TRAC is also committed to implementing the TRAC SMART  protocol: Sanitized – Wear a Mask – Ready to Go! 

For convenience, now you can rent a vehicle with TRAC To Go application. Consumers tend to prioritize online information and transaction using a smartphone. Hence, it is hoped that the TRAC To Go application can facilitate you when you need to rent a car and bus at any time and anywhere.

With this application, the community can rent vehicles for business or vacation purposes. Aside from passenger cars, you can use TRAC To Go to rent a bus or airport transfer. Furthermore, TRAC has currently perfected the application, meaning that there are more advantages for consumers who use it. 

Let’s plan your journey right here and now and create an unforgettable moment of togetherness with TRAC To Go. Don’t forget to download the TRAC to Go application via Google Play Store or Apple Apps Store. For further information, please contact TRAC’s Customer Assistance Center at 1500 009.