Storytelling-based Tourism as Kemenparekraf ’s New Breakthrough During the Pandemic

The tourism business has been heavily impacted by the pandemic, as everyone must stay at home to reduce the spread of Covid-19. For that reason, the Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy, Sandiaga Uno, proposes a concept called Storynomic Tourism or storytelling-based tourism. 

Sandiaga wishes that storytelling-based tourism can become a new breakthrough to introduce tourism destinations in the country. So what is Storynomic Tourism? Storynomic Tourism is a tourism communication approach that prioritizes narration, creative content, and culture.

Indonesia is rich with various cultures and legends, and myriads of tourist spots have a history behind them. That is why Sandiaga said that the tourism concept can help people who live around the tourist spots.

Through his Twitter account @sandiuno, he stated that the tourism concept can help to create new job opportunities to replace the ones lost due to the pandemic. 

Sandiaga stated his idea after visiting a tourism spot in North Sumatra. They visited the Aek Sipaulak Hosa bathing place at the top of Silalahi Hill, Silahisabungan Sub-district, Dairi Regency.

Upon entering the bathing place, Sandiaga asked what is the meaning of Aek Sipaulak Hosa. It turns out that the phrase means “Restoring lost energy”. 

Through his Twitter account, Sandiaga then explained that Aek Sipaulak Hosa is a part of the legend of King Silahisabungan. It is told that the King was traveling with his pregnant wife. His wife was getting thirsty. There, King Silahisabungan plunged his staff to a stone, and water started to come out of the stone.

Now, the bathing place has become a tourist spot. The surrounding communities believe that the place can be used to relieve fatigue. According to Sandiaga Uno, legends or myths such as this can be leveraged to attract tourists who want to undergo a unique experience.

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