Indonesia’s High-Speed Train Misses the Mark to Be the 78th Independence Day Gift, Here’s Why

Two new means of transportation in Indonesia, light rail transit (LRT) and the Jakarta-Bandung high-speed rail (KCJB), are set to begin their commercial operations soon.

The wraps were planned to be taken off by the two modes of land transport altogether on the 78th anniversary of Indonesia’s independence, serving as a gift for the country. Unfortunately, KCJB has been delayed as further preparation of infrastructure and facilities is required to ensure passengers’ safety.

The Minister of SOEs, Erick Thohir, reported that the adjustment for the train system’s software is still underway. Furthermore, the construction of access roads to Karawang high-speed train station will likely see a 6-month delay.

The delay is because Tegalluar and Padalarang train station construction takes higher priority. On top of that, the Ministry of SOEs plans to connect Karawang station’s access roads and exits to the nearby toll road.

The high-speed rail operator, PT Kereta Cepat Indonesia China (KCIC), said that the testing schedule is still under discussion. Nevertheless, the testing with passengers on board is still expected to take place in September 2023. In contrast, LRT is still on track and set to be inaugurated by President Joko Widodo on August 18, 2023.

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The High-Speed Rail and LRT Are Expected to Boost the Country’s Economy

Delay aside, the two means of transportation will be a worthy addition to Indonesia’s land transport options. They will further make huge contributions to the nation’s economy, both on national and community levels.

The two will ease people's mobility for social and economic purposes alike. In addition, the high-speed rail and LRT offer greater commuting convenience and practicality.

Both will also improve access to regions where the trains make stops. People who commute by train also bring additional economic benefits since it will be easier for them to contribute to their respective economic sectors.

Surprisingly enough, regions on the train routes have seen increased property prices even though LRT is not fully operational just yet. LRT will also likely boost its passengers’ productivity.

Restaurant and food stall owners as well as transportation providers in the intermodal network will also reap the benefits offered by LRT. Similarly, KCJB is also expected to change the economy and society for the better.

Domestic trade between Jakarta and Bandung will further strengthen due to the increasingly rapid mobility the train enables. Both modes of transportation also help lower the logistics costs of moving goods between regions, further increasing the profitability of businesses.

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From a social standpoint, it will also be easier for people to visit their relatives. Whether it is people living in Bandung who want to visit their folks in Jakarta or the other way around, the transportation fosters social cohesion among the community.

These are some of the benefits both means of land transport, LRT and KCJB, will bring. And it just goes to show how important transportation is for the economy and society.

More Efficient and Effective Economic Activities

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