Collective Leave Happens Concurrently With Annual Leave? Check Out These Correct Rules on Leave

The term leave is common among employees.  Every employee has the right to a leave to take a break from their routine work.

Employees will usually get a total of 12 days of annual leave, not including national holidays specified by the government.

The leave validity period can vary from one company to another, but it’s generally based on the date the employee first joined the company.

On the other hand, national collective leave is often a concern for many employees. Would the leave reduce their annual leave quota? Here's the explanation.

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Rules On Annual Leave and Collective Leave

Regarding annual leave that employees are entitled to, Law (UU) Number 6 of 2023 replacing the Job Creation Perppu states the leave as referred to in paragraph (1) letter b which must be given to Workers/Laborers, namely annual leave, is at least 12 (twelve) working days after the Worker/Labor concerned has worked for 12 (twelve) months continuously.

That way, referring to the Law, it means that every employee who has worked for a year or more is entitled to a minimum of 12 days of annual leave which can be used as a holiday or rest.

However, based on the Circular Letter (SE) of the Minister of Manpower (Menaker) Number M/3/HK.04/IV/2022, it is stated that collective leave is part of annual leave. So that employees or workers who take leave on collective leave days will automatically cut their annual leave allowance.

In addition, the SE also explains that collective leave is fluctuating or optional according to the agreement between the company and employees based on consideration of the company's operational conditions and needs. That way, employees who come to work on collective leave days, are entitled to receive wages like regular working days.

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Make Good Use of Leave to Refresh Yourself

A leave is a company obligation to every employee, allowing them to unwind and refresh their minds to generate new ideas for work.

Employees can rest, reduce stress, and restore their drained energy and mind by taking a leave.

With a recovered mind and body, their productivity can also increaseto contribute more to the company’s progress.

So, now you understand that collective leave is part of annual leave. This understanding is essential as a bargaining chip for negotiating in a job interview.

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