Why Career in SERA ?

As a company which has successfully been  developing its businesses in transportation and logistics sectors, SERA’s success can not be separated from the support of employees with quality and integrity. Hence, SERA always puts human resources aspect as a priority in the corporate strategy development.  SERA’s environment that is comfortable and considering work life balances and personal life encourages employees to develop and to perform their best. SERA employees are expected to have achievements, integrity, willingness to serve and to work together, and eventually become reliable future leaders.  

Now, after 27 years hard work to offer the best transportation and logistics solutions for the country, SERA is growing into a big company with 3 business units, supported by 2.587 high performing employees. Other than that, with over than 60% young employees, SERA is the right choice for fresh graduate and experienced employees to have career and develop their expertise in transportation and logistics fields.

People Development

Since the first time joining SERA, employees are encouraged to grow and learn through various development programs including training. These programs not only focus on employee’s professional development, but also on their personal development so they can meet business’ needs of the company  these days. 

The development programs provided are :

  • New Employees orientation program : Mentoring for new employees to understand job description and corporate cultures
  • Coaching : regular coaching activities between employer and employee that are conducted to overcome employees’ difficulties in working place and to explore their potential in order to improve their professional performances
  • Individual development program : employees development program which has been adjusted based on individual competence, strength, and area of development, conducted through training, seminar, and workshop

Compensation & Benefit

As part of corporate responsibility toward its employees, SERA protects employees’ health by providing health insurance which covers in-patient and out-patient costs. Other than these benefits, SERA also registers its employees in BPJS Kesehatan and Ketenagakerjaan programs (National insurance for health and employment).

Other than that, SERA also provides various facilities which could increase employee’s benefit, by providing health clinic aside from health benefit which has been embedded in its main benefits. Employees also could do their hobbies  through sport, arts, and spiritual activities outside their regular jobs in order to achieve balances between work and personal life.

For employees with excellent performance, SERA provides competitive remuneration and attractive allowances as appreciation towards employee’s contribution and hard work. Other than compensation above, we also give benefit based on employee performances in every year.

As a long term benefit, employees will be automatically registered to the Astra Pension Fund program, to guarantee their retirement.


Gemah Adhiasmira

"Assessment on work achievement in SERA has clear parameters in order to support the next level of career. Its system and management also aim to pursue employees’ wealth" 

Moses Sahala Halomoan Panjaitan

"Work challenges can be overcome with a sense of togetherness between team and superior. SERA is the right answer for you who want to grow in a young organization"

Nuraini Robiah

"With majority of its young, energetic, creative, and fun employees , within a dynamic and friendly environment, SERA becomes an exceptional place to work and learn"

Syam Wasito Purwoko

"SERA is my second home, place where I grow up and developed professionally or personally. My daily basis in SERA was filled with wonderful dinamic which makes me never bored to learn"

Fransisca Yoe Yauw Siek

"Through a dynamic working environment and continuous innovation, SERA offers opportunity to keep growing, adapting, and developing either my skills or knowledge, in terms of technical or non-technical aspect, in professional or personal field"

Happy Putro Wibowo

"SERA offers friendship and family spirit with colleagues and superiors, also plenty opportunity to develop ourselves and our career within its business lines"

Tangkas Saputra

"I chose SERA as my second “home”, a place to meet and learn with new “family” members who always work together to adorn their house" 

Cherry Pima Ratriami

 "A complete trust from superiors and a conducive working environment has built my confidence as a fresh graduate to handle each project well. SERA is a place for young generation to learn, express their creative ideas and develop their potentials"

Yefta Indra Gunawan

"SERA’s working culture and ethic gives freedom to its employees to develop their competences"