The Quality of TRAC’s Drivers Does Not Lie Only in Their Driving Skill

Sometimes, when choosing a vehicle, aside from looking at the price tag, one should also keep the quality in mind. Likewise, when choosing a car rental company, aside from ensuring the quality of the vehicle, you should ensure the quality of the driver as well. 

TRAC Astra Rent Car believes that a good car rental company must be equipped with quality human resources. When you have to use a rental vehicle, surely you want it to be of the highest quality so that you can feel comfortable and safe during the trip. 

TRAC knows what’s best for its customers. Hence, in addition to focusing on vehicle maintenance, TRAC also prioritizes the behavior and agility of its drivers. All TRAC drivers are not only able to drive well, but they also have knowledge regarding driving safety and security. 

Training for Drivers

TRAC always conducts training, especially on safety driving and defensive driving, as all TRAC’s drivers must have good knowledge about them. Not only that, but all TRAC drivers receive training and direction in serving customers to provide satisfactory service. 

For example, drivers will do small things such as opening and closing the door and helping to put baggage in. Moreover, inside the car, the drivers will offer to put some music on, while asking the customer whether the car’s AC is too cold or whether they are starting to feel hot. We also ensure that our drivers won’t drive recklessly. Instead, their driving style will be adjusted to road conditions.

Every TRAC driver is required to have the ability to serve consumers well. And every year, all drivers are required to participate in an eligibility test. In addition to providing a proper vehicle, we also make sure that the consumers will get the best service.

Essentially, every TRAC driver must know the 7 aspects of customer service, as follows. 

1. Arrive on time, and provide info to consumers beforehand. 

2. Inspect the vehicle before setting out. 

3. Having a clean and neat appearance. 

4. Be friendly and provide a warm service. 

5. Drive the vehicle safely and comfortably. 

6. Have good road knowledge. 

7. Maintain customer privacy.

Apart from quality drivers, TRAC also has more than 35,000 vehicles. There are various types of vehicles, such as SUVs, MPVs, boxcars, 4x4 vehicles, blind vans, employee buses, school buses, big buses, and motorbikes. We also have more than 9,500 professional drivers. 

Ensuring Safety and Cleanliness

During the current Covid-19 pandemic, TRAC continues to enforce extra safety and cleanliness standards for all its fleets to prioritize your safety and comfort during the trip.

As a form of TRAC's response in minimizing the risk of the spread of Covid-19, TRAC has also implemented several additional health screening procedures to anticipate the spread of Covid-19. For example, TRAC drivers must minimize physical contact with passengers, and we also provide hand sanitizers in each TRAC unit. For details regarding the safety and cleanliness of the TRAC fleet, please read the article "The Always-Maintained Safety and Cleanliness Standards of TRAC’s Fleet”