In order to continuously generate new products and services which are competitive and relevant to  current condition, innovation is an essential process for a company. SERA’s business success could not be separated from various innovation developed by employees in all levels. Innovation has been the culture and pulse of every part in our organization.

In implementing the business, we always feature new methods. Improvement in terms of process and system  is also done to  generate highly competitive products and services in order to pursue customer satisfaction.

SERA’s management perceives innovation as a valuable asset, that is why we consistently give high appreciation to employees who are able to create innovation through various  internal innovation and creativity competition. Through this mechanism, each person is encouraged to do innovation and perpetual improvement for common growth and prosperity.


1. Idea Challenge

SERA offers opportunity for each individual in organization to contribute for corporation through creative business ideas that can optimize operational cost as well as increasing productivity, and also widen business strategy

  • SERA Idea Challenge

This competition challenges employees to present their new business idea for future company development. Through this program, entrepreneurship spirit of each individual is triggered to develop.

  • Cost Reduction Idea Competition

In this competition, employees are able to express their creative ideas on how  to manage cost more optimally in order to increase productivity in all aspects of company business process.

  • SERA Digital Creativity Challenge

Innovation idea competition based on digital technology utilization that can be applied to all corporate’s business aspects to achieve operational excellence.


2. Project Improvement

Aside from contribution through creative business ideas, each individual in organization can also contribute through quality improvement in each organizational level which will bring impact to organization’s effectiveness and efficiency .

  • Suggestion System

Is a quality improvement project conducted by individual with simple issues to solve  the issues in the scope of daily work.

  • Quality Control Circle

Is a quality improvement project, conducted by working team in a department/ function / a particular working circle to improve effectiveness and efficiency in the scope of team work.

  • Quality Control Project

Is a quality improvement project, conducted by team from cross function/ cross department/ division / branch to improve work effectiveness and efficiency at branch level or in a particular division..

  • Business Performance Improvement

Is an improvement project implemented by corporate team to achieve more optimum business performance.

  • Value Chain Innovation

An improvement project conducted by team from cross business unit and corporation to improve the quality of value chain in order to achieve more optimum business performance.

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The Winner of Technical Suggestion System Category 2019

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The Winner of the Non-Technical Suggestion System Category SERA Quality Convention 2019