Tanjung Priok now can serve giant ships,ready to compete with Singapore in logistic services

A 334-m long giant ship called “Otello” docked and unloaded several containers at Jakarta International Container Terminal, TanjungPriok Port Jakarta, on Sunday (April 23, 2017).

The ship was one of many giant ships docked in Indonesia under the flag of a France cruise company, Compagnie Maritime d’Affretement-Compagnie Generali Maritime (CMA-CGM).

Previously, two giant ships, CMA-CGM Titus and Tancredi, also docked at the port as reported by in “JICT even more prepared to serve giant ships” article (April 25, 2017).

“These CMA-CGM ships were served with reliable speed and productivity. They were the biggest ever to dock since the establishment of Priok,” JICT President Director,GuntaPrabawa, said in his statement on Tuesday.

CMA-CGM Otello ships itselfcarries 8,238 TEUs. Previously the biggest ship ever to dock at Priok only carried 3,000 TEUs.

Deep and Cheap

Gunta said that, after the arrival of the ships, CMA-CGM agreed to enter a partnership with PT JICT to open a new service called Java South East Asia Express Services/Java SEA Express Services/JAX Services.

“The service is scheduled to depart once a week fromTanjungPriok to West Coast (Los Angeles and Oakland) USA. CMA-CGM Titus served the maiden JAX Services journey that departed on April 9, 2017,” Gunta said.

Previously, PT Pelabuhan Indonesia II (Pelindo II) President Director Elvyn G Masassya showed the benefits of using TanjungPriok as a logistic services international hub.

With the cargo consolidation in TanjungPriok, export from several regions don’t have to go through Singaporeanymore.

All this time, cargo consolidation for export from several regions in Indonesia had to be done in Singapore, as Elvynsaid to Kompas in article titled “If TanjungPriok port becomes an international hub, logistics costs will go down” (January 30, 2017).

“Our simulation estimated that the costs could be slashed by Rp1 million to Rp1.5 million if export is consolidated throughTanjungPriok. Our main purpose is that we can reduce the logistics costs, and consolidate cargos so that bigger ships could enter,” she said regarding the logistics services.

TanjungPriok makes it possible for ships as big as Otello to enter after PT Pelabuhan Indonesia (Pelindo) II had their JICT docks dredged.

PT Pelindo II Subsidiary Management Director RirySyeried Jetta said that before the dredging, the depth of JICT docks was around minus 12-13 meters.

After the dredging, now the depth is estimated to be around 13-14 meters, as cited from an article on titled “JICT docks dredged to prepare them as transhipment port”.“Our goal is to make the docks 16-meters deep bythis August,” Riry said on April 23, 2017.

Cost efficiency in logistics services and the arrival of three giant French ships have improved the world’s view on Indonesia. This also eases the work of domestic logistics services, including the experienced SELOG.

The arrival of the ships has opened a wide access for international trade, which will also be supported by SELOG, under SerasiAutoraya (SERA), a subsidiary of Astra, which guarantees a service of safety, punctuality, and zero defect.