31 Years of TRAC’s Journey in Indonesia's Transportation

Business competition in the transport service sector never diminishes, and gets even tighter instead. Consumers have become smarter in choosing partners, including transport service providers, to develop their business.

Consumers consider a lot of factors before deciding on a transport service provider. Now, they demand even more professionalism, better service, and, the most important of all, the ability to maintain customers’ trust.

This challenge does not worry TRAC. For 31 years, TRAC has already provenitself as a company capable of answering all doubts regarding transport service provider in Indonesia. TRAC has been able to maintain the trust of their customers and stakeholders, standing strong until today.

Countless similar companies have closed down business for failing to manage assets or acting too inflexible, unable to keep up with the market. However, TRAC has overcome many various challenges even from the time it was first established.

Indonesia’s economy in the year TRAC was born, 1986, was worrying. Bank Indonesia in “The History of Bank Indonesia: Monetary Condition in 1983—1997” recorded that Indonesia’s balance of payment deficit was swelling due to the sharp fall of global oil prices.

Nevertheless, TRAC boldly started a car rental business with only five cars. That year, TRAC was yet a brand name and PT SerasiAutoraya was still known as PT Sinar Inti Telaga. The name SERA was born four years later.

Even though right now PTSerasiAutoraya is the parent company of TRAC, SERA’s main business started as a car rental. It is no wonder then that SERA “the parent” is younger than its subsidiary, TRAC.

TRAC holds an important role in the history of SERA’s business development. Talking about TRAC is the same as talking about SERA’s history. There will be no SERA without TRAC.

Walking through the ages

Confidently, TRAC grows while keeping up with the times, because TRAC realizes that the world always changes. The needs for transport service certainly become more diverse and complicated.

Therefore, TRAC always works to provide the best service. TRAC offers a huge variety of vehicles to accommodate the needs of the customers, from passenger cars, motorcycles, buses, trucks, to customized vehicles.

As of now, TRAC is managing more than 40,000 cars, used by more than 5,600 customers. TRAC also employs 4,700 drivers.

Not only offering various transport solutions according to the needs of the market, but TRAC also offers service innovations. The latest is TRAC Syariah, launched in 2017.

TRAC is the first transport service provider in Indonesia to offer sharia-compliant car rental service. TRAC sees the need for this service as sharia-compliant business has been gaining popularity in Indonesia. TRAC Syariah is expected to provide solutions for customers that prioritize sharia-compliant products in developing business.

TRAC’s journey will not stop there. In its 31st year, TRAC is optimistic that they can continue serving with all their heart and provide comprehensive transport solutions to meet the needs of customers, both corporate and individual.