SERA awards special recognition to high performing employees

PT SerasiAutoraya (SERA) always gives special recognition to high performing employees. This year, four SERA folks have shown outstanding work and performance. Therefore, SERA proudly bestowed awards to them.

Rofi Ali from SERA Head Office won the Most Valuable Employee 2017 title. Meanwhile, Abi Tiyoso’s work earned him the Best Improvement 2016–2017 award. The other two winners are Aswanoor from TRAC Driver Services Banjarmasin who won the National Best Driver award and Hari Susilo from O-RENZ who was crowned as High Achiever O-RENZ Driver in 2017.

In a special segment, the SERA award recipients expressed their feelings. Abi Tiyoso, for instance, said that he felt proud because his work was appreciated by SERA.

“I am proud because my efforts can be useful for SERA and (at the same time can) be the best,” said Abi.

However, the achievement does not make Abi full of himself. On the contrary, he learned a lot of important lessonsfor his career and self-development at SERA.

“Mentally, this achievement surely motivates me to improve myself,” he continued.

Just like Abi, Rofi also gained lessons from winning the award. Rofi is now more certain that every job that is carried out with passion and full-heartedly will lead to satisfying results.

“That each effort that is done earnestly will not get a bad ending,” Rofi added.

Hari Susilo’s experience is slightly different. He earned the High Achiever O-RENZ Driver in 2017 based on a string of achievements that he had won before. One of the most notable was the National Driver Role Model 2017 award held by the Transportation Ministry.

The Surabaya-born man said that the most memorable moment for him was when he received a surprise prize in the form of umrah trip, which was given as a symbol of appreciation from SERA. “I am on cloud nine,” he said happily.

Meanwhile, Aswanoor was known as a diligent and serious worker. Afterall, the National Best Driver title is not an easily obtainable one.

The father of three always prioritizes safety when working. His capabilities, experience, and knowledge about traffic enabled him to be the best driver in the national level at SERA.

However, the achievements are not the end of their journey. There are a lot of improvements and innovations that need to be done.

The chance to become SERA’s best folks is always open. SERA will never stop encouraging its employees to keep making accomplishments.

“(After this competition) I want to help my fellow drivers at O-RENZ to continue the tradition (to be the next winner),” said Hari Susilo, who turns 50 this year.

Rofi Ali also has another wish in terms of career at SERA. He wants to improve his professionalism and to be an expert in Human Resources Management.

Meanwhile, Abi Tiyoso is aiming to win SERA yearly competition. Furthermore, Abi also wants to win a competition with a higher scope, InnovAstra.

SERA always appreciates the potential and the efforts given by each of its employee. It reflects SERA’s awareness that employees are assets that move the company. Hence, the management routinely gives recognition to employees that have given their best efforts and earn achievements so they can grow together with the company.