The pleasure of choosing vehicles at auction

One of the classic problems in purchasing vehicles is that the budget does not match the price of the desired model. This phenomenon often occurs even after the customers have checked and rechecked classified ads, searched the online ads, and scoured used-car dealers.

Other than the three above methods, customer actually can purchase cars at a car auction too. Car auction usually offers a lot of car types from MPV, city car, or even 4x4 car.

Car auction also offers cars at relatively low prices. A premium double cabin pickup car can be sold below market price at the auction.

Drive out anxiety about auction

It is still common to be anxious when purchasing vehicles through an auction because car auction has yet to be popular in society.

For instance, one can feel anxious about whether the auction process is transparent, whether the cars in auction need to be bought in large quantities, whether bidders can only be from companies, or whether only invited guests can join the auction.

In fact, these matters are not meant to make customers feel anxious about auction. IBID-Balai Lelang Serasi, a subsidiary of Serasi Autoraya (SERA) and part of Astra, allows anyone to participate in auctions. People are also allowed to see the auctioned vehicles directly during the open house.

"Cars in auction do not have to be bought in large quantities. One can simply buy one car and get many benefits due to the lower price,” IBID Chief Operation Officer Daddy Doxa Manurung said in South Jakarta on Wednesday (November 25, 2017).

After setting sight on the desired cars, prospective buyers need to pay deposit fees to become participants of the auction and get the bidder number (NPL). The deposit fees are Rp5 million for car NPL, Rp1 million for motorcycle NPL, and Rp100,000 for gadget NPL.

What if the person loses the auction? Is the deposit fee forfeited? Bidders who lose the auction may use their NPL to bid on other units.

Even if the bidder does not win anything in the auction, IBID will automatically return the deposit fee through a bank transfer to the bank account number registered to the auction without any additional fee.


"Last year we sold 26,000 cars. This year, we’ve sold 30,000 cars of various types and conditions,” Daddy said, revealing that interest in auction as a new way to buy cars at affordable prices grows each year.