2018, Logistics Business Predicted to Grow Positively

Indonesian Logistics Association (ALI) revealed their view on logistics business trend in 2018.

According to them, logistics business will look positive with estimated growth of 10%.

"In the future, we believe it can go above 10% every year," ALI Chairman Zaldy Ilham Masita said, as cited from on Tuesday (November 7, 2017).

In relation to this, “Data and Outlook of Transportation, Logistics, and Infrastructure 2009-2019”from shows that the market of transportation and logistics sectors will reach Rp 3,680 trillion in 2019.

The biggest contributor to this growth is predicted to be e-commerce trade. The online trade has created shift in the current trade system.

"There is a shift in commerce, trade from offline to online. We are already facing it," President Joko Widodo said, as cited from on Wednesday (September 20, 2017).

The fact that buyers and sellers no longer need to meet face-to-face, in addition to the geographical condition of Indonesia as an archipelago country, has affected logistics industry positively, whether in transportationor temporary storage (warehousing) services.

Considering the view of ALI Chairman Zaldy Ilham, logistics growth will be supported by outsource in logistics handling, from companies to third parties.This is in line with the spirit of efficiency, as felt by the e-commerce.

It will be even more efficient if the services are offered in packages, so that the business players can just hand over the entire process, which they can do through SELOG’s Contract Logisticsservice.

Through this service, SELOG, a subsidiary of PT Serasi Autoraya (SERA) and part of Astra Group, provides integrated and complete logistics service, from planning, implementation, to monitoring process.

Meanwhile for domestic cargo shipment, SELOG has Shipping Services, which is a delivery and distribution service using sea vessels. For international routes, there is Shipping Agency that collaborates with Jardine Shipping Services (JSS), the largest shipping agency in Asia.

There is also Freight Forwarding that guarantees safety, punctuality, and zero defect, aside from Courier Services, express courier service to send packages with same day service, next day service, and regular service.

For warehousing, SELOGalso offers goods management and storage service through Warehouse Management System (WMS). With these various programs on offer, SELOG can become part of the incoming positive economic growth.