Indonesia Getting More Steadfast in Disciplined Driving

It is fortunate that nowadays, many Indonesians get themselves involved in efforts to increase awareness in traffic discipline. This is because disciplined driving has a positive effect amid the traffic that is getting more crowded.

To illustrate, the number of accidents in Indonesia in 2014 was 95,906 cases, which then fluctuated and increased to 105,374 cases in 2016.

Traffic discipline is important because it does not affect only ourselves, but also other road users. This motivation is what drives people nowadays to become more active in traffic discipline movement.

"Why do we have to obey traffic rules? It is for our own safety and other road users’ safety. We have to respect fellow road users," said Second Brigadier Aizha Nurlita from Indonesian National Police National Traffic Management Center (NTMC Polri) who came to support the campaign of Traffic Discipline Movement (“Gerakan Tertib Berlalu Lintas”, abbreviated to Gatel) by on Wednesday (May 24, 2017).

Gatel, started in 2016, focuses on traffic awareness of the drivers on the road.

Traffic discipline can be upheld by stopping behind the stop line, using helmets for motorcyclists or wearing seat belt correctly and properly for car drivers, as well as obeying traffic signs.

"Every road user must have experienced traffic jam. However, by having discipline, we respect other road users, and this will create comfort when traveling on the road," said Second Brigadier Yasinta Iga Mahesti from NTMC Polri who also attended Otomania’s Gatel event on Wednesday.

Other than Gatel, a similar movement is also held in West Java, named Sukajadi Discipline Movement. Dozens of people who volunteer for this movement hold traffic discipline education every Saturday afternoon.

"Every Saturday, from 5:00 P.M. – 6:00 P.M., we hold education in Bandung Pasteur intersection to remind drivers who violate the rules,"Sukajadi Discipline Movement Coordinator Sansan Syahdriana, said to Tribun Jabar on Monday (November 27, 2017).

This movement is supported by a number of mass organizations such as XTC Indonesia that often joins Sukajadi Discipline Movement.

Besides Sukajadi Discipline Movement, Bandung also has another movement on social media that uses the hashtag #BdgDisiplin. Various matters regarding violation of rules and education are discussed on its Facebook page.

Moreover, car clubs like Toyota Agya Club (TAC) in Lampung, Sumatra, also has a movement with the same spirit. Campaign on the street promoted usingthe hashtag #Beraksiontheroad on social media is the club’s regular agenda with the theme of seat belt.

Discipline movements like these are a form of encouragement amid the high need for transportation by the people. However,how far traffic discipline is implemented depends on the attitude of the drivers themselves.

In this case, adequate knowledge and maintained professionalism are important elements in the implementation of traffic discipline and safe driving, which the drivers in our car rental service, TRAC, always uphold.

TRAC,a subsidiary of PT Serasi Autoraya (SERA) and part of Astra,guarantees the professionalism of its drivers, in addition to the availability of drivers and replacement drivers when needed.

This guarantee complements other advantages such as cars of various types and sizes with guaranteed quality.

Drivers’ professionalism, added with above benefits, will create a feeling of safety and comfort for customers and people in general when traveling. Therefore, we hope to be part of traffic discipline movement in Indonesia that is becoming more popular nowadays.