Good Management of Assets: an Important Indicator of Company’s Condition

One of the things that determine the quality of a companyis their assets. Proficiency in maintaining and managing assets is widely believed as an important indicator to see whether the company is running and developing well.

Well-managed and well-maintained assets will show their worth when the company is facing a new challenge or is looking to do rejuvenation. There are various types of assets, from office supplies, lands, buildings, to trademarks. However, there are companies that prefer to just rent buildings.

Another type of assets is vehicles, both two-wheeled and four-wheeled, that are certainly needed to support the transportation need of the office, whether the business is still small-scaled, medium-scaled, or already large-scaled.

What is certain is that the company management needs to smartly manage the assets of their company, and so do the employees that regularly use the assets.

Why? By managing assets well, everyone in the company then helps prevent damage to the assets, keeping their value.

Choose your strategy

Take the strategy of the state-owned postal service as an example. They expand their business to property as a strategy to utilize their building assets.

As one of the oldest state-owned enterprises in Indonesia, Pos Indonesia owns 4,700 buildings, including housing facilities for employees, as cited from (January 31).

The assets are then developed into hotels or guest houses to gain benefit. Not only that, the postal service also recently opened co-working spaces, a kind of a mini-office with complete facilities for small enterprises or independent workers.

Their strategy might inspire others who want to manage their assets to reap extra benefits outside of their main business.

Then what about the management of other assets with value that undergoes depreciation, such as vehicles or gadgets?

Although their value changes, we can still maximize the use of the assets if they are well-maintained. Company cars, for instance, must undergo routine maintenance to keep their performance.

For a company, ensuring that there are operating funds for maintenance is an important thing. This determines the good condition and the high value of an asset over time.

Good management of asset procurement is also important to prevent overlapping purchases. For instance, the company still has certain goods in sufficient number, but carelessly buys the same goods again.

The assets are then just stored unused in the storeroom, decaying over time. This is surely wasting money, and even causing loss.

Another important thing is ensuring that all assets are stored securely and safely, from the time they were bought until they are no longer needed.

One preventive measure is by insuring the company’s assets. Should serious problems occur later, company’s loss can be kept to a minimum.

With the safety guarantee, we can prevent further loss, for instance losing certain assets that can spell big trouble for the company.

An example of such assets is cars. Make sure that the company’s cars are parked securely and routinely maintained.

When a car has approached its age limit, it can be sold at a competitive price. Although the car is no longer in its prime condition, there are other alternatives to maximize its usefulness.

IBID-Balai Lelang Serasi, a subsidiary of PT Serasi Autoraya (SERA), offers the right and quick solution for selling company’s assets.

As a trusted auction house, we can help the company putting their assets on auction, be they two-wheeled or four-wheeled vehicles; gadgets are also acceptable.

No less important, the auction process in IBID has clear rules, from the process of selecting, bidding during the auction, up to the payment.

Thus, a company only needs to trust their vehicles or gadgets to IBID, and then wait for the proceeds from the auction.