The Secret to Profitable Company: Make Consumers Happy

One day, a flip-flops-wearing man came to an automotive exhibition in Jakarta with his family to find a car for his child. When he entered a booth, no salesperson offered him brochures or even attempted to talk to him.

Almost noone paid attention to the man and his family. Even when his child tried one of the cars, nobody approached them to greet and explain things to them.

However, when the man came to one exhibition booth, an employee smiled kindly at him and warmly welcomed him. The man felt appreciated. He then started checking out the options available in the booth.

Not long after, after asking questions about the specifications and the features of a car that he’s interested in, the man decided to buy it on the spot. He paid for the expensive car for his child with cash.

Although this sounds like the scenario of a soap opera, this really happened and went viral on social media a while ago. The man turned out to be a wealthy businessman who liked to wear simple and down-to-earth clothes.

Best service

The story shows how giving good service to customers is an important factor that can bring profits to a company.

No matter how good the products or the services are, if they don’t come with quality customer service, customers might not consider buying. We don’t want this to happen, since customers are the ‘fuel’ driving the business of a company.

Today’s customers are smarter in choosing products. They don’t only prioritize product quality, but also the customer service.

In 2016, American research company Forrester found that 72% businessmen said that increasing customer experience was a priority for them.

Another research by NewVoice Media even stated that US companies suffered up to $62 billion (about Rp846.7 billion) losses each year due to bad service. Such a fantastic figure.

Realizing the importance of customer service, industries step up their improvement in this sector. Those industries include transport providers.

The standards used are various, from the hospitality of the employees, the comfort of the waiting room, the speed of service, the appropriateness of the solution given, to after-sales service.

Why is after-sales service important? Cars are not disposable products. Most people expect their cars to be usable for quite a long time, before they feel the need to buy a new one.

Hence, customers will consider a lot of things before buying cars, including the benefits that they will get after the purchase. Quality products, supported by superior service and optimum benefits, will make customers happilyreturn for more purchases in the future.

On the contrary, a company that is unable to give added values is very likely to be abandoned by its customers. This is what drives PT Serasi Autoraya (SERA) and its subsidiaries to always emphasize values for customers.

mobil88, as one of SERA’s business lines that deals in used car trade, always does its best to give added values to the customers.

Since early 2018, for instance, mobil88 launched an after-sales service of 1-Year Free Service for all cars of all brands purchased. Each mobil88 customer is entitled to enjoy free maintenance twice within one year.

The benefit is a token of mobil88’s strong commitment to improve its customer service. It is expected that the people can thus own high-quality used cars with maximum benefits.