Smart Solution in Managing Companies’ Transportation Needs

For any company, transportation is a must. At the least, a company needs transportation to support the operation of employees with high mobility or to transport goods and equipment.

The problem is, to buy vehicle assets in bulk, companies need to dig deep into their pockets. Therefore, companies need to calculate the efficiency between buying and renting vehicles.

If the companies decide to buy, they must understand the risks and challenges ahead.

Companies need to think about the cost of maintenance that will not be small; moreover, the service schedule of each car is different depending on types and usage. The companies must have a systematic scheduling and recording system.

That is only the predictable maintenance; there are still costs of repair or other maintenance that are not routine and can be sudden. For example, if the car breaks down, the car body gets damaged, etc.

Talking aboutexpenses, companies also need to set aside funds to pay annual taxes with administration process that takes time.

If companies buy vehicles on their own, all those needs must be taken care of by themselves, and thus the companies need to prepare additional human resources.

For industries like mining and plantation, thetransportation needs become even more specific. Those industries need vehicles that can operate on extreme terrain. The cost of vehicles, maintenance, and taxes are surely higher.

If we count only the vehicles, the expenses are already high. In certain conditions, companies must also hire drivers, which means additional expenses.

Then, what if companies choose to rent cars?

The situation is different if companies rent cars from transportation service providers. All the existing risks are already handled well. Companies only need to use the vehicles as needed.

The cost of rent tends to be stable every month so that the expenses are more measurable. There is also no need to bother about annual taxes. Tax liability is limited to the cost of rent.

If needed, companies can also rent driver service that is guaranteed to be reliable. This is important, especially when the cars are used for the transportation of valuable employees.

Considering the efficiency of cost and time, then partnering with trusted transportation service provider is the right move. TRAC, a subsidiary of PT Serasi Autoraya (SERA) under Astra, offers the solution of an integrated transportation service to companies.

Not limited to car rental and driver service, TRAC also has integrated Transportation Management System (TMS).

This TMS includes management of fuel cost, usage, administration process, and analysis.

The system also monitors other expenses so that they are controlled and can be accounted for. When the driver is absent, a substitute is quickly appointed.

All the above needs are provided in one package. However, TRAC allows companies to choose which services they need. TRAC as a trusted transportation provider can also plan new different things to support the needs of consumers.

Overall, TRAC can give a solution of integrated transportation service. Companies no longer need to think about purchase and maintenance of vehicles, driver training, as well as other matters related to asset management.

Companies can run well when the transportation management also runs well. They can focus on developing their core business without having to be bothered by vehicle operational needs.