Asian Games 2018 to Boost Indonesian Tourism

It's only a matter of months until Asian Games 2018 begins. The government targets not only the medals, but alsorevenue increase from the tourism sector.

This year, the cities that will host Asian Games 2018, such as Jakarta, Palembang, and Sukabumi, hope to see more foreign visitors.

As an example, Jakarta administration is quite optimistic that they can attract about 3 million foreign tourists. Some of the preparations so far to welcome the moment include art performances in Wisma Atlet and several other hotels in Jakarta.

Palembang doesn't want to get left behind. South Sumatra administration has begun revamping the venues and other supporting infrastructures in Palembang. The central government is serious about this and has earmarked not less than Rp20 trillion.

It is hoped that the number of tourists will boost local economy. This is not to mention that tourism in Palembang is indeed promising.

Statistics Indonesia (BPS) recorded that in February 2017, the total number of foreign tourists increased by 20.91% compared to the number in the previous month. Most of the foreign tourists come from Malaysia and Singapore, two countries that will also compete in Asian Games 2018.


The government has been revamping the sports venues since far before the Games are supposed to begin. There have been changes to the plan, though.

At first, Asian Games 2018 was planned to be held in only two provinces, Jakarta and South Sumatra. Later on, West Java was also appointed to host the biggest sports event in Asia.

As quoted from (February 20), administrative regions in West Java that will be involved are the city of Bandung, Bandung regency, Subang regency, Majalengka regency, Bekasi regency, the city of Bekasi, and Bogor regency.

The sports that will be contested include paragliding, modern pentathlon, mountain biking, canoe slalom, and soccer.

Mountain biking will be held in Subang, while road bicycle racing will be held on the Subang-Purwakarta road. Meanwhile, paragliding will be held in Gunung Mas, Puncak, Bogor regency, and canoe slalom in Rentang Dam, Majalengka.

All those extraordinary preparations are only to be expected. Asian Games is always a huge event. Many countries make bids to become host. When they're chosen as host, they can also escalate their tourism promotion.

Preparation for the sports in Asian Games 2018 needs to be accompanied with the availability of facilities to anticipate the rise in the number of visitors. Not only adequate tourism destinations, infrastructures, and accommodation, transportation is also important to support the needs of the tourists.

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