Choosing Problem-Free Cars for Comfortable Homebound Trips

Jakarta – mobil88, a subsidiary of PT Serasi Autoraya (SERA) working in the buying and selling of high-quality used cars, held a blogger gathering with 31 bloggers at The Den of Kalaha, Central Jakarta, Monday (May 28). The event was themed "Tips for Buying Problem-Free Cars for Homebound Trips".

The event invited speakers who are automotive experts, which were Automotive Editor Aris Harvenda, automotive influencer Rally Marina, and mobil88 President Director Halomoan Fischer.

In the talk session, Aris revealed that people prefer using private cars for homebound trips. The reason is that private cars are considered more flexible in terms of time.

The impact, Aris continued, is that car purchase, either of new or used car, increased. For used car purchase, the increase can reach 15%-20% than usual.

"The benefit of buying used car is that with the same amount of money, we can buy car with higher specifications. The difference of 2-3 years is not that much with new car," Aris said.

Nevertheless, he reminded consumers to be careful when buying used cars. Do not be tempted by the cheap price.

"Check first whether the document, vehicle identification number, and engine are as stated in the vehicle registration and ownership documents," he continued.

Fischer made the same statement. He said that people tend to hurry when buying used cars for homebound trips. 

"So when they see the car body is smooth, they directly buy it. However, it turns out that during the homebound trip, the engine overheats," Fischer said.

Rally had this unpleasant experience once. This former national female racer bought a used car because she was tempted by its outer appearance.

"It looked really cool, I really liked it, but it turned out that the engine easily overheated," she said.

Moreover, the car engine was already replaced with another engine. Rally then had difficulties in taking care of the administration of car tax.

To avoid this situation, Fischer asserted that when someone buys a used car, they must consider the credibility of the seller or showroom.

"In mobil88, we do inspections for four times before the car is in the customer’s hands so that the customer can get high-quality used car," Fischer said.

Furthermore, mobil88 also gives buyback guarantee so that customer can feel comfortable when buying car. Additionally, mobil88 offers after-sales service such as one-year free service, free insurance, and free car detailing.