Online Shopping Increases during Ramadan

Online consumption during Ramadan experiences growth each year. This year, most online platforms predicted that transactions would grow two fold from last year.

This prediction was not exaggerated because Similar Web recorded that the traffic of five large e-commerce websites in Indonesia grew by 5%-10% during Ramadan. This also demonstrated the trend to buy various needs online.

Co-founder of an online shopping site in Indonesia, Indra Yonathan, explained that currently, Indonesians are experiencing shifting of shopping behavior to digital. 

"The shifting of people's shopping behavior to digital is one of the factors behind the increase of transactions in e-commerce platforms," Indra said, as cited from, Thursday (May 10).

He also revealed data from Accenture that showed around 43.7% Indonesians who are connected to the internet today are digital buyers.

The same data also mentioned that Indonesians' online shopping behavior was boosted by ease of access. This trend was further bolstered by Ramadan needs and discount promotions from e-commerce websites ahead of Eid al-Fitr. Moreover, people have consumptive tradition in welcoming Eid. 

For example, people usually buy new clothes for Eid. Tradition of giving Eid hampers also boost sales of food and beverage products. People also huntfor Eid cookies.

Increase in consumption also happen in transportation sector. Sales of new and used cars tend to increase ahead of Eid because many people still feel that going on homebound trips using private vehicles is still more comfortable, especially since people usually go with their extended families.

To fulfill this need, PT Serasi Autoraya (SERA) through its subsidiary, IBID-Balai Lelang Serasi, offers used car sales through auction. Therefore, the prices offered are more competitive.

Through IBID, people can buy cars, motorcycles, or gadgets by auction. Anyone can participate in an auction to buy in units or in bulk. 

Participating in an auction in IBID is easy. Prospective buyers only need to register themselves and make a deposit of Rp1 million for motorcycles, Rp5 million for cars, and Rp100,000 for gadgets to get an Auction Participant Number (NPL).

If they win the auction, buyers only need to pay the agreed amount minus the deposit. However, if they lose, the deposit is refunded 100%.

Moreover, people can participate in IBID's online auction. Through IBID's official website,, people can register, buy the NPL, and participate in the online or live auction.

With various benefits and conveniences, hopefully people can have options in buying vehicles easily, either to fulfill daily transportation needs or to go on homebound trips this year.