Transportation Ministry Prepares 7.2 Million Flight Seats for Eid al-Fitr Holiday

The people looking to fly to their hometown to spend their Eid holiday can breathe easily now because the Transportation Ministry has allocated 7.2 million flight seats for both domestic and international routes.

"This year, 5,996,342 seats are provided for domestic flights, while 1,212,670 seats are available for international flights with a total fleet of 541 aircraft," Transportation Ministry Air Transportation Director General Agus Santoso said, as quoted from, Thursday (May 17).

The seats were added considering the demand for air transportation is increasing every year. This is reflected on the data of the number of passengers in 2017 that went up 12.88% compared to the previous year.

While for this year, the number of passengers is predicted to reach 5,001,286 for domestic destinations and 869,537 for international destinations. Thus, the 7.2 million seats are actually a 22% higher figure than the predicted number of passengers.

The increase can also serve as an indicator of economic growth. This is because flight fares are still more expensive that the fares of other modes of transportation. The increase in the people's ability to buy ticket flights might indicate better welfare.

One of the factors that drive the people to choose flying—other than economic improvement—is time efficiency. It's undeniable that planes are still the fastest transportation mode. Planes do not face traffic jam either, unlike land transportation.

Travelers who choose to fly can leave for their hometowns close to the holiday and return in time before the collective holiday ends. They can resume their usual activities without having to worry about being trapped in a traffic jam or to deal with uncertainty during the trip.

The government predicted that the peak of homebound traffic would occur on June 8 and 9, 2018, while the reverse would occur on June 19, 20, 23, and 24, 2018.

Transportation Ministry’s Air Transportation Directorate General predicted that during those times, piling up of flights and passengers in airports is to be expected. To anticipate this, he called on airlines and airport managers to prepare additional personnel.

Airports will be very busy as people head out to their hometowns and return. Learning from the previous years, many passengers that had just landed were stuck for several hours in the airport due to various factors, including not finding any transportationfrom the airport.

That's why travelers need to prepare trusted transportation from the airport to the destination, other than, of course, having the flight tickets ready. They won't want to queue just to get a car at the destination airport.

To fulfill the need, TRAC, a subsidiary of PT Serasi Autoraya (SERA) that specializes in vehicle rental, offers a safe and comfortable transportation solution from the airport to destination.

TRAC offers Airport Transfer service to meet the demand for transportation to and from the airport. TRAC's Airport Transfer can help travelers to reach their hometown safely, comfortably, and quickly.

It is hoped that with the transportation service offered, supported by the government's anticipation in the form of additional flight seats, people who will undergo homebound trip this year can enjoy a more pleasant travel.