SERA Holds "Pre-Owned Car Sales Quality Convention 2018"

Jakarta – PT Serasi Autoraya (SERA) continuously encourages all SERA individuals to embrace the innovative culture. The company even showed its appreciation for the best innovations by holding "Pre-Owned Car Sales Quality Convention 2018" with participants from its used car business line, mobil88 and IBID.

The finalists did their best to present their best creations in the peak event that was held in AMDI Building, North Jakarta, Thursday (June 28). SERA Group executives also attended the event.

"We have to keep in mind that a business is run by human beings. If we want to win in the increasingly tighter competition, our human resources must have the innovative spirit," SERA President Director Firman Yosafat Siregar said during the event.

He said that the competition was held so that SERA individuals, especially those in the used car business line, are encouraged to give birth to innovations that can bring improvements to the company.

"The number of participants (in this competition) also increased. There are many good, potential ideas. That's why I keep motivating them to write down their innovations and join this competition," SERA Corp Management Development Division Head Susanti Eliana said.

There were two main categories in the competition, Suggestion System (SS) and Quality Control Circle (QCC). Other awardswerealso presented for the categories The Best NQI Project, The Best Facilitator, and The Best Branch of QI for mobil88 and IBID each.

The first winner of the SS category was IBID Surabaya team which consisted of Nur Hadi Susanto and Ahmat Hanafi. The second place went to IBID Banjarmasin team (Gangsar and Ruswinda), while mobil88 Sungkono team (Nova Yoshida and Ambar Ayu) grabbed the third place.

Thefirst winner of the QCC category was a team from IBID which consisted of Qolby Yusro, Deisy Fajar, and Rendra Randy. Next as second winner was a team from mobil88 which consisted of Ika Aristiani, Andika Krisdianto, Dharmawan Hadi, and M Noufal Najib. Another team from mobil88, consisting of Angga R, Zaenal Yafit, and Zuid Mond, won the third place.

"My team and I are indeed very happy. This event spurs us on to keep innovating," Hadi said.

Not only that, the winners and other participants also enthusiastically welcomed "Pre-Owned Car Sales Quality Convention 2018". They realized that innovation was essential for personal development and the company.

"Congratulations to all winners. Hopefully this event can instill the innovative culture even more in us," Yosafat said when he closed the event.