Reaping Profit from E-commerce: When Shopping Only Needs One Click

People are relying more on digital technology to get their daily needs. Buying food, drinks, monthly supplies, kitchen appliances, and even fashion items can be done easily through the screen of one’s smartphone. One click, and our ordered items will be delivered to our doorstep.

The phenomenon is in line with the high number of people accessing the Internet from mobile devices. According to Hootsuite data, in January 2018, active users of mobile devices numbered 177.9 million. This means 67.9% of Indonesian population were already familiar with the Internet.

The ease of access does not only spur the growth of online shopping sites, but also opens new opportunities to conventional entrepreneurs, especially since it is now very easy to penetrate the online market through online marketing campaigns that can directly target smartphone users.

E-commerce sites shower customers with promotions and develop smartphone-friendly applications to boost the number of mobile users. Those who will benefit from this are not only the e-commerce sites, but also the sellers who are members of the sites.

It is reflected in the increase in transactions in several e-commerce sites in Indonesia from year to year. News portal on July 13 noted that one of the marketplaces, known for its trademark red color, recorded an 8-fold jump in its transactions by the end of the first semester of 2018. It also saw 100% increase in the number of users.

Sellers on e-commerce sites also reap profits. Vonny Sataputeri, a seller on a marketplace with green logo, claimed to see her revenue increase, as quoted from (July 12). Around the beginning of new academic year, for instance, she could score a monthly revenue of Rp60 million-Rp70 million.

Support from logistics service provider

E-commerce definitely needs reliable support from logistics service providers. The ease of online shopping can only be significantly felt when the purchased item is delivered undamaged to the hands of the buyer.

Not only that, buyers certainly put great importance in the package being safe and delivered on time.

The central role of logistics service providers in e-commerce makes them one of the supporting pillars for online entrepreneurs. To support this need, SELOG as the best logistics service provider is ready to offer professional services that prioritize on-time delivery of packages without incurring damages.

Moreover, SELOG as a subsidiary of PT Serasi Autoraya (SERA) delivers packages using land, seas, and air transportation, making inter-island shipment not a problem.

With the support of the best logistics service provider, e-commerce business can run more smoothly. It is expected that the sector can open up more opportunities for the people without having to worry about geographical distance.