Honing Basic Leadership Characteristics of SERA’s Future Leaders through BMFL Program

Bogor – PT Serasi Autoraya (SERA) held Basic Mentality for Future Leader (BMFL) training from August 14-16, 2018 in Mount Bunder area, Bogor. This program aimed to hone the basic leadership characteristics of future leaders for SERA.

“We need to prepare in facing Industry 4.0 where automation is key. Business must prepare its human resources to face various challenges in the future when uncertainty is certain,” SERA Industrial & Relations Department Head Achmad Ikhwanul Adlim said during the closing of the event, Thursday (August 16).

To achieve this goal, the BMFL program was joined by 28 participants to study directly the workings of Search and Rescue (SAR) team. SAR team is well-known by their high effectiveness and performance.

In a search and rescue process, SAR team is not only required to work effectively in saving victims, but they also have to be able to maintain their own and their team members’ safety.

To study this, participants performed simulation of a rescue operation in Mount Bunder’s natural environment.Participants learned about land navigation comprising skills of reading map, reading compass, and determining direction outdoors.

Participants were encouraged to survive in the middle of an unpredictable jungle. Furthermore, participants learnt to work effectively, racing against time to save the victims.

After two victims were found on the third day, the participants still had to plan a strategy of how to evacuate the victims who were unconscious in the simulation.

All these activities certainly honed the participants’ ability to work in a team, make decisions, and stay discipline in doing their roles. They were required to be great team members while showing good leadership characteristics.

With this learning, participants are expected to learn two valuable lessons that can be implemented in daily work. First, they understand effective teamwork. Second, they understand the characteristics and frame of mind of a team leader who can work effectively in every situation and condition.

Therefore, SERA individuals are better prepared to face any kind of business challenges. Each SERA individual can perform as someone with leadership spirit.

This is in line with SERA’s values that prioritize quality, customer service, teamwork, leadership, and integrity. Let’s learn more about these main values in this page.