A Glimpse of Indonesians’ Saving Habit

Indonesians are aware of the importance of saving money. They save money to realize various financial plans. But what is the saving habit of Indonesians nowadays like?

According to a Markplus survey on 4,378 netizens aged 15?59, more than a third of the respondents can set aside 5?10% of their monthly income as savings. Only about 4?7% netizens can save more than 20% of their total income.

However, the higher their economic status, the more money they can set aside as savings. About 10% netizens with high economic status can save more than 20% of their monthly income.

Meanwhile, among netizens with lower economic status, only 5% can do the same thing. The classification of economic status is based on the family’s routine spending in a month.

People who spend more than Rp5 million/month are classified in the higher economic status, while those with the spending of Rp1 million to Rp4.9 million a month are classified in the lower economic status.

Let’s take a further look at their financial plans with their savings. In terms of purpose, 60.9% netizens said that they saved money to anticipate living costs in the future that they predicted would keep on increasing.

Meanwhile, 61.2% also said that they set aside their income for investment. The most interesting thing is that about 24.1% netizens said that they were saving money for holiday plans.

The findings were apparently consistent with the shift of consumption patterns of Indonesians. According to Universitas Indonesia Economics and Business Faculty Dean and Professor Ari Kuncoro, the lifestyle of a portion of Indonesians is entering a new trend. People now love to travel to gain recognition.

“Nowadays, it’s no longer the age of showing off new things such as smartphone or clothes; people now like holiday pictures that they can instantly upload to their social media accounts,” Ari said, as quoted from Detik Finance, Monday (August 14, 2017).

The middle-class income, Ari continued, has not seen significant increase. However, people’s consumption patterns have shifted from goods to holiday for their self-actualization.

“Leisure and hedonism have become their lifestyle,” Ari explained.

This shift in consumption patterns then drives the emergence of new businesses geared towards the leisure lifestyle. Some industries do not want to get behind the trend.

One of the companies catching up with the trend is TRAC, a subsidiary of PT Serasi Autoraya (SERA) which operates in vehicle rental service. Since the appearance of the trend, TRAC has designed various services to accommodate domestic leisure demands.

TRAC does not only rent vehicles for travel needs, but also design services that offer holiday experience that emphasizes convenience, comfort, and safety.

TRAC offers various tour packages to various unique destinations in Indonesia. TRAC combines ease of transportation and comfortable holiday experience.

With the services, people have options to realize their financial plans for a comfortable and safe holiday for the family.