Perkuat Layanan dengan Digitalisasi

Quality of service is a key factor in marketing a product. No matter how good the product being offered is, customers won’t look at it again if the service is not satisfying. Service is so important that it is considered one of the values, other than brand and process, that make up 9 main elements of marketing.

As the world gets even more digital, service is further developed to adjust with new patterns of interactions among people. Gadgets and internet connections seem to have become primary needs, pushing companies to rethink of how they serve customers.

When purchasing goods, customers nowadays seem to enjoy—and even think highly of—digital experience. When they want to buy something, they first search about it on the internet, or open an e-commerce website right away.

After finding the right product, customers might want to choose virtual payment through internet banking feature. The order is then shipped, and while the process is ongoing, customers can monitor for updates through their smartphones.

Another example is people choosing to book flight tickets online. They can too later enjoy self check-in feature, so they do not have to line up when they arrive at the airport.

Now, there are even e-commerce platforms offering easy reschedule feature that allows customers to change their flight schedule using a digital application. Everything just gets easier.

Customers prioritize services that offer them convenience. From the beginning of the purchase process, customers do everything on their own. However, the convenience of digital service access makes customers feel satisfied and taken care of.

Designing digital service

However, designing digital service is not easy. Each industry has their own characteristics, so applications of the service can be different. One thing is certain, the service must offer solutions while being easy to use by customers.

The service should not cause more trouble for the customers than when they’re using conventional services, especially when the digital feature presents no benefit for customers.

Markplus founder and CEO Hermawan Kartajaya wrote in the magazine Markeeters July 2017 edition that in every interaction point with customers, brand must offer appropriate services. That’s why brand needs “service power” that consists of story, style, synergy, substance, and surprise.

“When the story told is relevant with what customers want to hear, they will share it straight away with their friends and make it viral,” Hermawan wrote.

If the style of the brand fits the customers, he continued, customers will automatically become a follower. Moreover, if the customers have synergy with the brand, they will voluntarily become a power of channel.

“The substance certainly needs to match. Give them a little direction and customers will fill our brand! And lastly, give surprise when the customers do not expect it. That way, I believe your brand will last long, be loved and protected by customers,” Hermawan explained.

The demand for easy digital access drives companies to innovate. Business cannot be run the way it was run 10 years ago. Companies need to adapt to the times.

That is why IBID-Balai Lelang Serasi, under PT Serasi Autoraya (SERA) and part of Astra Group, provides a website to make it easier for customers to find cars through auction.

The process to join an auction is carried out online from the beginning on the website People can register, find a car, choose an auction date, and complete payment without having to go to an IBID branch.

The Live Auction option even allows people to join auction in real time from wherever they are. To know more about IBID, you can read this page.

With the easy digital service, hopefully there will be more people who can enjoy the benefits of selling and buying through auction. They can be served maximally by IBID wherever they are.