Giving Birth to Best Innovations through SERA Quality Convention

Jakarta – This year, SERA Quality Convention (SQC) once again gave birth to new innovations and improvements. Held at el Royale Hotel, Kelapa Gading, North Jakarta, as many as 14 team finalists of best SERA individuals competed with their innovations to win an award. 

A speech from SERA Group President Director Firman Yosafat Siregar opened the event, followed by a speech from Corporate Management Development Division Head Susanti Eliana. Susi then ushered the guests and participants to the next agenda, which was the final of SERA Quality Convention 2018.

In the judging process, each team presented their projects in front of a panel of judges who were members of SERA Group's management. The assessment was continued with a Q&A session.

At the end of the event, the judges announced the winners who were worthy of the title "The Best". The winners of Technical Suggestion System category were Matlawi and Arnata from TRAC, while the winners of Non-Technical Suggestion System were Suhardi and Samsuri from SERA's head office.

"I am definitely happy and nervous, until now I am still trembling," Suhardi said at the award night which was held simultaneously with SERA 2.0 event on Thursday (September 13).

He also encouraged other SERA individuals to dare to start. "Second, be consistent. Do not stop because of a problem. If we are committed, we can do it," Suhardi continued.

Samsuri added that the achievement was also thanks to good cooperation with various stakeholders. "But behind it all, the main goal is for the company's growth."

Not only them, Semut Merah team from TRAC Pontianak Branch won Technical Quality Control Circle category. Meanwhile, Non-Technical Quality Control Circle category was won by Krakatau team from IBID Balikpapan Branch. The last category, Quality Control Project, was won by Besuto team from SELOG.

On the same occasion, an award was also given to the best facilitator who had guided the finalists in finishing their projects. The Best Facilitator 2018 was given to Suntoro from TRAC Banjarmasin Branch.

This moment certainly made the winners proud. However, this competition was not merely a judging and award event, but a cycle of innovation development in SERA. Implementation of each improvement and innovation is always monitored for optimum contribution to the company.

"Innovation is the DNA of transformation, so we hope that it will keep developing in PT Serasi Autoraya," SERA 2.0 Committee Head Kartika Ryan Sanjaya said.

It is expected that the competition can help develop SERA individuals' competencies in making improvements and innovations. The participants of SQC are expected to share their knowledge and experiences to keep improving the quality of SERA individuals.