Tourism Sector Boosts Car Rental Business

Indonesian tourism keeps growing. The government continues to improve it by building various supporting infrastructures, such as airports, sea ports, and new roads. In the transportation sector, private enterprises also contribute by providing reliable transportation services.

Tourism and transportation are inseparable. Both contribute to each other in a mutualistic relationship. Transportation service supports the development of a tourism destination. On the other hand, when a tourism destination is developing, transportation business as one of the supporting sectors is very likely to benefit.

Let's take for example the visit of Saudi Arabian King Salman bin Abdul Aziz al-Saud with his entourage to Jakarta and Bali in 2017. One of the sectors that reaped profits from the visit was car rental. According to CNN Indonesia (April 1, 2017), the king and his entourage, estimated to be 1,500-people strong, rented 360 luxury cars for their holiday in Bali.

And as the 2018 Annual Meetings of IMF & World Bank Group is going to be held in mid-October in Bali, transportation business, especially car rental, is predicted to reap a sizeable profit. on Tuesday (January 16) reportedthat 1,100 cars will be rented for the event.

The conclusion of the two examples above is that the when a tourism destination such as Bali attracts many visitors, other businesses—one of them transportation business—will be positively affected.

That's why, to support the growth of tourism in Indonesia, the government is promoting "10 New Bali" program. Multiplier effect is expected in the new destinations.

With the government's serious measures to improve tourism, the sector is predicted to keep growing. An analysis by the Tourism Ministry published as Data Analysis of Domestic Tourist Market 2017 said that on average, the number of travels by domestic tourists grows by 2.61% in the last 10 years.

Amid the trend, 90% of domestic tourists rely on land transportation, detailed as private vehicles (47%), rented vehicles or vehicles form travel agencies (22%), buses (19%), and trains (2%).

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