Iwan Setiawan: Hard Work and Sincerity Bear Fruit

Iwan Setiawan, a TRAC driver who recently achieved award as "The Best Driver" during SERA 2.0, is an example of achieving SERA individuals. His hard work and sincerity had borne fruit.

"I am very excited, especially since I get the chance to go to the Holy Land. This is my biggest dream and pride, as not all drivers receive this opportunity. So, I am very happy and proud to be the best," Iwan said in response to the special surprise of free ticket for umroh as a token of appreciation from the company for his achievement.

This man, born in Pangalengan, Bandung, revealed that becoming The Best Driver was actually not his main target. He admitted that all this time, he only tried to do his best, in addition to always praying.

"Thank God, in serving customers, I always do it with sincerity so that I can deal with any kinds of customers. They (the customers) also appreciate (my work)," Iwan continued.

He also talked about his experiences in dealing with various kinds of customers. Previously, the father of two children served a Nigerian expatriate. Iwan then tried to give extra services. Every day, he polished the customer's shoes.

"It happened that this customer always kept his socks and shoes in the car. I polished his shoes every day. I also took home the socks that were kept in the car, I washed them at night at home and used fragrance. The next day, I ironed them and brought them back. He was very happy," Iwan told the story.

Another story was about another expatriate, a Polish woman. Not only he was a good driver, Iwan also took the role of tour guide for this customer. Iwan said that she happened to have traveling hobby.

"She was very impressed when I took her to Pangalengan, Bandung. I offered Sundanese food, she even tried djenkol. She was also very impressed by that," said this man who was expecting the birth of his third child.

Iwan said that this profession required great initiative and creativity. He had to improve the services and gave the best service that exceeded the customers' expectation. Therefore, Iwan never stopped learning, including honing his English skills.

"Now, learning is not difficult. There is Youtube; we can see many videos about language learning, for example, grammar," Iwan said. Moreover, he continued, he also kept updating his information, including about interesting tourism destinations.

"My work motivation is to continuously improve myself, to always develop, and certainly in TRAC, I also have the ambition to further my career," Iwan said.

When asked about his role model in working, he proudly said "my father". Previously, Iwan said, his father, who was an employee of a state-owned enterprise, was also an exemplary employee. His father even once received award directly from the second Indonesian president for his performance.

"So I always give the best, the most professional, whatever my profession is. When working professionally, God willing, you will achieve. Work sincerely as a professional driver, work with full responsibility, honesty, and discipline.When we are sincere, everything will be made easy," Iwan said.

Iwan's story is proof that there is no waste when we work with a full heart. Achievement is not gained in one night, but it is an accumulation of efforts and hard work, added with sincerity. Click this page to know more about career experience in SERA Group.