Nur Fitriyani: Learn How to Dare to be Herself

Nur Fitriyani Setyowati, one of the achieving SERA individuals, did not expect to become The Most Valuable Employee 2018. The award given by PT Serasi Autoraya (SERA) certified Nur as the employee with the best performance.

"Thank God, I am very thankful to God. Actually, I did not expect this at all because the competitors were strong and were already senior employees," Nur said.

During the award night, the Balikpapan-born woman was in tears because she was moved by the prize of free ticket for umroh as the company's token of appreciation for Nur's achievement.

She admitted that she had learned so many things during the registration, selection, and interview to win the title. "How we forge ourselves to be courageous, confident, but not excessively. And of all those, to be honest and just be myself as well as to improve myself every day are the main points that I learned," Nur said.

Not only that, this mother of one said that the most memorable experience during the competition was the chance to discuss directly with SERA President Director Firman Yosafat Siregar. All this time, Yosafat had inspired Nur in her career and work. "Because he dares to make the company even better," she continued.

Nevertheless, the achievement was the result of a long process. In 2012, this woman who graduated with a degree in public health started her career in SERA as a safety officer in Balikpapan branch office.

"I was also asked to become the internal auditor of HSE SERA and PIC of the company in Balikpapan Astra Group. Lastly, I had passed the assessment to be a workplace health and safety expert in intermediate level which is the requirement to become auditor of HSE in Astra International," Nur continued.

After that, encouraged by the motto "always try to be an individual with solutions", she dared to participate in the competition to win the title of The Most Valuable Employee 2018. However, this achievement did not necessarily make Nur feel content.

"My next target is to get achievement every year by doing continuous improvement. Moreover, I want to make the name of my branch office more well known, especially in SERA Quality Convention event, up to the level of Astra," Nur said.

Furthermore, she wanted to become an inspiration for her colleagues in scoring achievements. According to this woman with a hobby of traveling, everyone needs readiness and opportunity in working.

"Always working sincerely and giving the best will make us ready. When there is an opportunity, such as participating in Most Valuable Employee or SERA Quality Convention, we are already prepared," Nur continued.

The proof was that her hard work in forging herself to be ready in facing greater opportunity in her career had brought her to this stage. She would always have this experience of participating in the competition which had enriched her knowledge. Click this page to know more about career experience in SERA Group.