In Digital Era, Showrooms Still Have Significant Functions

The competition in selling used cars is not only about the quality of the cars, but also about other supporting elements. These elements have various forms, from after-sales service, additional benefits, guarantees, as well as year-end promos and other promos initiated by the showrooms.

Moreover, the design of a showroom also has a quite significant role in boosting car sales. Comfortable and attractive design of a showroom can tempt visitors to spend longer time there.

The attractiveness of a showroom is, "mostly about how it can function well, attract many people to see the products on display, and make people interested in the products offered," as cited from Jurnal Intra Petra Volume 1 Number 1 Year 2013.

The design and the colors used in a showroom must not be trivialized. "The colors also represent the brand. Wrong choice of colors does not only make people less interested, but also devalues brand image," continues the paper in the journal published by the Interior Design Department of Petra Christian University, Surabaya, East Java.

Other than that, attention needs to be paid to lighting and ventilation. Showroom design can follow the current trend, so that visitors can feel a very familiar experience and be deeply impressed.

Another factor is about the services offered and the location. Regarding showroom, "what's most important is that the place can really fit all the used cars that are put on sale. And don't forget to choose a strategic location. If necessary, choose a location by the main street, so that it can be easily seen by people," said (September 15, 2017).

The advantage of buying directly in a showroom is that a buyer-to-be can check the cars physically. If they have found the car they wanted, they can choose the payment method in the showroom. It is better for a used car showroom to also accommodate various payment services, especially cash and credit.

As cited from Kumparan (October 3, 2017), a showroom needs to pay attention to the demands and needs of the customers. Of course, what's important here is trust level. Make it easy for buyers-to-be to check the cars and the documents to their hearts' content. This is because many buyers-to-be are very critical and particular about details, so much that they might bring their own mechanic to check the cars.

We are already in digital technology era, when the owner of a used car showroom can no longer only rely on on-site sales and needs to tap into the online market, but it doesn't mean that showrooms don't matter anymore. Showrooms still spearhead sales as locations where sellers and buyers can interact directly.

In a showroom, not only a buyer can learn for sure about the condition of the car that they're eyeing, but they can also do a test drive of the car. Showrooms must also offer various additional benefits for every car purchase, for instance,after-sales service.

Showroom innovation is also carried out by mobil88, a subsidiary of PT Serasi Autoraya (SERA) under Astra.

mobil88 CEO Halomoan Fischer Lumbantoruan explained that mobil88's strategy is giving quality and after-sales service guarantee, including buyback guarantee, free insurance, and free car detailing.

With this strategy, he was optimistic that mobil88 could see 15% higher car sales than in the previous years when 20,000 cars were sold each year.

"As of this year's first semester, there's a 9% increase in sales compared to the sales in the same period last year," he said (Kontan, Tuesday, August 21).

mobil88 presents many kinds of high-quality cars to choose from. Not only compact hatchbacks such as Toyota Yaris, Honda Jazz, or other such cars from other brands, but there are also MPVs with attractive designs and tough performance. Undoubtedly, all cars on offer in mobil88 have been very carefully checked.

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