Car Rental Reaps Profit Near End of Year

Christmas and New Year celebration is nearing. People usually make use of these moments to go on vacation to tourism destinations or go back to their hometowns to meet their families.

Just like during Eid al-Fitr in July, demand for car rental also increases during Christmas and New Year holiday. This is a positive business moment for car rental business players. Reliable transportation that offers comfort becomes a need of the people to support their mobility.

Looking at previous years, as cited from (December 24, 2015), demand for vehicle rental nearing the end of the year usually rises by up to 50% compared to demand during regular days.

Multi-purpose vehicle (MPV) is the type of car that is often rented, because this car type provides comfort during family trip.

According to Koran Tempo (December 28, 2013), the growing middle class in Indonesia also boosts the performance of car rental business nearing the end of the year. They want to enjoy their holiday using rented vehicles rather than public transportation. Ease of mobility to various destinations is the main reason.

Using their own vehicles, tourists can also arrange their trip on their own. This is difficult to do using tour bus which makes tourists have to wait and adjust their schedule to the schedule of fellow passengers.

Renting a car for holiday can also be a solution to maintain private car condition, especially to keep the mileage. Using rental, people can also choose a different type of car than the one they own.

Renting car nearing the end of the year is not only for family trip but also business purposes. "They finish their work at the end of the year outside the city," as cited from Tribun Banjarmasin, Sunday (December 2).

To rent a car, potential customers must prepare several requirements. If they use the service of a driver, usually there is no special requirement; they just need to register to the rental office and explain the date, destination, and duration of rental.

If they do not use the service of a driver, a number of documents must be provided. For example, ID and credit card as proof of identity. Most importantly, do not rent all of a sudden. Apply for rental at least one week before the planned departure date.

TRAC, a business line of PT Serasi Autoraya (SERA) under Astra, offers trusted transportation rental service.

TRAC offers many types of vehicles in prime condition and high-quality services. There services can be enjoyed by both individual and corporate consumers.

TRAC also provides services as needed, which is car rental with or without driver. TRAC drivers have been trained to give professional service with tight SOP.

Friendliness, cleanliness, and politeness are the keys of TRAC's services.Therefore, people can enjoy trusted transportation service to support their traveling needs, especially during year-end holiday.

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