TRAC Holds Blogger Gathering to Talk About Year-End Holiday

Jakarta – TRAC, a subsidiary of PT Serasi Autoraya (SERA), invited 40 bloggers to a gathering event themed "Planning Year-End Holiday Easily" in Eastern Opulence Restaurant, South Jakarta, on Tuesday (December 4).

"We invited bloggers for a relaxed discussion while sharing information about planning for year-end holiday," TRAC Chief Operating Officer Agus Riyadi, one of the panelists in the discussion, said. 

Other than Riyadi, TRAC Bus Division Operating Manager Luthfi Khairawan Putra also attended the discussion to share information about bus rental. Not only that, the event also invited famous traveler Febrian and Kompas Travel Editor Sri Anindiati Nursastri (Sastri) to present tips for making year-end holiday even more fun.

"Currently, the most favorite year-end holiday destinations are still Bali, Yogyakarta, and Malang. There are many tourist attractions to be visited in those places," Sastri said.

This woman who also loves traveling presented several tips to prepare for the holiday, starting from transportation to the destination, hotels, to transportation needs after we have arrived there.

"Usually once we have arrived at our destination, we will start to be confused about how and what to use to get to places," she continued.

Meanwhile, Febrian emphasized the importance of planning transportation for going around in the destination town. "It is easier to rent vehicles in the destination town, especially if we go with our family. We're surely looking for comfort."

Febrian himself had tried using TRAC's car rental service for two days. He shared his experience without hesitation.

"The (TRAC) drivers were very informative, polite, and clean, so they made us feel comfortable. They also wore uniforms. They complied with the SOP and were friendly," Febrian said.

Other than choosing comfortable transportation, another important tip from Febrian and Sastri was to take advantage of promos that are usually offered near the end of year, including for transportation needs.

"TRAC has a promotion of free additional day for car rental. If you rent a car for two days, you will get one free day; if you rent it for four days, you will get two free days; if you rent it for six days, you will get three free days," Riyadi shared the information about year-end promo from TRAC.

However, the promo does not mean reduction in TRAC's service quality. Customers will still get all the benefits, including travel insurance and cars that are in prime condition.

"TRAC can also adjust to the customers' needs, whether they're traveling with their families or if they travel solo," he said.

Meanwhile, TRAC Bus Division stated that they offer services that can give a different travel experience. "If you rent a bus, you can go with up to 60 people at the same time. It will be livelier and more fun," TRAC Bus Division Operating Manager Luthfi said.

Currently, people's demand for bus rental service is high. "Many people need to rent bus, for instance, for reunion or going on a holiday with senior high school friends," he continued.

Luthfi even claimed that currently TRAC had been receiving so many orders for their buses until the end of 2018. "So, if you want to rent a bus, you have to do it long before the scheduled date. However, we still can take your order for holiday in early 2019. Our buses are ready to serve you," he said.

After all speakers shared interesting information, the event continued with a Q&A session. The bloggers looked very enthusiastic to dig for more info.

Next was the handover of prizes for winners of Instagram Competition that was held since the start of the event. Participants then had their pictures taken together to close the festivity of the event that day.

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