New Year Holiday, Car Rental Reaps Profit

During the long holiday at the end of the year (school holiday, Christmas, and New Year 2019), car rental business reaped profit. Demand for rented vehicles, especially cars, enjoyed significant increase.

This euphoria was felt in Yogyakarta, one of the favorite holiday destinations of people from various regions. According to Yogyakarta Vehicle Rental Association (APPKY) Business Division representative Ahmad Munif, the increase in demand was quite significant in each company. “The figure is from 30% to 50%,” he said. (, December 18, 2018).

The increase in demand was felt since mid-December 2018. Ahmad predicted that the increase would happen until the first week of January 2019.

The demand growth was balanced by price hike up to 30% of normal price. However, Ahmad said, some rental companies in Yogyakarta maintained the normal price to ensure the satisfaction and comfort of customers.

APPKY Chair Heru Raka said that the 2018 year-end holiday was more crowded than the holiday in the previous year because it coincided with school holiday, so the holiday period was longer.

In fact, he said, renters who mostly came from outside the city had made bookings since mid-November. “If they did not book since long ago, they would have run out of cars to be rented,” Heru said. (, December 30, 2018).

Using car is more practical than using public transportation. We are free to stop at any time during the journey to enjoy the snacks offered by the street vendors. Another benefit is that using private car saves more money, because the costs of rental and fuel can be borne together with friends or family members.

TRAC recorded that ahead of Christmas and New Year, demand for rented cars rose sharply. As a matter of fact, the company often had to provide additional cars. The types of cars that are often rented are MPV like Avanza and Innova.

TRAC, one of PT Serasi Autoraya’s (SERA) business lines, provides trusted vehicle rental service, including facilitating people who do not have or are unwilling to use private cars but want to spend long holiday comfortably.

TRAC offers various types of cars with excellent and high-quality services. These services can be enjoyed by both individual and corporate customers. TRAC can be the ideal option that will fulfill the people’s need for transportation any time.

Currently, TRAC has 40,000 vehicles including SUV, MPV, and bus. TRAC also provides services as needed, for example, rental service with or without driver.

Routinely maintained, all TRAC cars are ready for use. Moreover, TRAC that always prioritizes the safety and comfort of its customers also offers travel insurance to all customers.

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