Used Car Trend in 2019, SUV Predicted to Get Popular

People’s interest in buying used car is predicted to remain high in 2019. However, the preference will shift from multi-purpose vehicle (MPV) to sport utility vehicle (SUV) and small cars. According to mobil88 President Director Halomoan Fischer, the shift in trend had started in 2018.

From January-November 2018, the sales of used MPV contributed 45%, declining by 10% from the previous year. “This decline is because consumers have shifted to the two segments (SUV and small cars)," Fischer said. (, December 18, 2018).

According to Fischer, people these days have cars not for joint needs but for individual needs. Those who were previously interested in Avanza, Xenia, and others, have started to shift to SUV such as Honda HR-V, Toyota Fortuner, Rush, and Mitsubishi Pajero Sport.

Moreover, used car market is also shifting to stylish and small cars such as city car and LCGC. This type already has features that provide comfort inside the cabin. Its modern look also makes people turn their head to this type of car.

Furthermore, the issue of limited parking areas in big cities makes people start to prefer smaller cars. Meanwhile, those who are more stylish will prefer SUV that looks cooler.

According to mobil88’s record, MPV still dominates with 45%. Following it are city car (27%) and SUV (15%). Meanwhile, sedan and other types of cars achieved 13%.

Fischer explained that customers mostly searched for used cars priced around Rp100 million to Rp200 million. Sales are dominated by Jakarta, Bandung, and Surabaya.

Regardless, Fischer said that people’s interest in buying used cars is still high. mobil88’s sales grew by 5% in 2018 compared to sales in the previous year. In the period of January to the beginning of December 2018, the company had sold 21,000 units.

Fischer added that some people are still interested in used cars because the prices of new cars are much more expensive. Every year, sales of used cars at the end and beginning of the year increase. Therefore, mobil88 offers special program to customers who want to buy used cars in the period of Desember 18, 2018, to January 18, 2019, through Astralavista in all mobil88 showrooms.

Through Astralavista, each customer will get up to Rp10 million cashback. According to Fischer, there is no special requirement for the cashback. “It means that all customers who buy used cars during that period will get cashback whether they pay in installments or in full,” Fischer said during Ngobras event in South Jakarta, Tuesday (December 18, 2018).

Fischer expected the promo to be able to help people fulfill their wish to have their dream cars by buying used cars.

A subsidiary under PT Serasi Autoraya (SERA),mobil88 showrooms are open for anyone who wants to buy high-quality used cars. To date, there are 20 mobil88 showrooms in the big cities in Indonesia.

As a dealership with more than 30 years of experience, mobil88 dares to give buyback guarantee that the cars were not involved in a crash or flood. Moreover, the chassis and engine numbers are guaranteed to be as stated in the vehicle registration document (STNK) and vehicle ownership (BPKB). The odometer has also not been tampered with.

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