Car Rentals Still Highly Preferred

Renting a car is still the preferred option for people who want to go on a holiday in a tourism destination. Not only it is practical, the person who rents the car does not need to think about maintenance costs or worry about the car getting broken and other problems, because they’re all covered by the rental company.

Customer only needs to make a reservation, choose a car, and pay a deposit to use the car. It’s practical not only for individual and group customers, but also for companies that want to do outing and need operating cars.

Another reason to rent a car, as quoted from (February 28, 2019), is the passenger capacity needed. Nowadays, car rental companies offer various car options from hatchbacks, SUVs, MPVs, to city cars.

More convenience can be experienced when we rent a car with a driver. The customer does not need to worry about which routes to take. “Because the driver usually already knows the routes well,” recommended the website (February 13, 2019).

Car rentals also offer fees that tend not to fluctuate, unlike other modes of transportation whose fares sometimes cannot be predicted. This allows us to more easily calculate the costs that we have to spend during the holiday.

Car rental fees can be cheaper if we choose a tour package that already includes the car rent. The car rental can also give suggestions or direct us to tourist attractions we might like.

Of no less importance is that when we rent a car from a trusted car rental, we’re already covered by travel insurance.

All the benefits above can be gained if we rent cars from a company with long experience and wide network. An example is TRAC, a business line of PT Serasi Autoraya (SERA) that’s affiliated with Astra Group. TRAC offers various types of cars that are ready to use.

TRAC is committed to maintain the quality of every car rented by the customers. Every TRAC car always has its conditions monitored and undergoes routine maintenance. TRAC also guarantees the customers’ safety by providing travel insurance. A corporate customer can also opt for additional protection for third party.

TRAC is a transportation service provider offering rented cars to both corporate customers (long term) and individual customers (short term). TRAC provides car options that can be chosen based on needs, including MPVs, SUVs, compact cars, and sedans. TRAC also offers buses of different kinds. Please click this link to learn more about TRAC’s services.