Car Rental, a Comfortable Alternative for Holiday

Jakarta – The long Eid al-Fitr holiday that coincides with school break is often used by many people to go on homebound trip or ‘mudik’. Usually all family members go together on the trip, and they will bring along many stuffs or souvenirs.

With so much luggage, homebound trip using a private car is one of the most preferred alternatives. Those who do not have their own car can rent a car instead. Some people opt to rent cars for holiday because what they want is just going back to their hometown and vacationing at the same time.

According to the data compiled by detikFinance, Wednesday (May 1, 2019), a car of the Avanza or MPV type is rented for Rp5 million for 10 days, or Rp500 thousand for a day. Meanwhile, Innova is offered as a package that costs Rp7 million for 10 days.

The fee does not include the driver’s fee and the money for gas. This car rental fee is higher than during normal days outside the homebound trip season.

Even though the term ‘car rental’ is quite known, TRAC-Astra Rent a Car Chief Operating Officer Agus Riyadi said that there are still many customers who make a mistake that leads to a loss. “The mistake is that they’re easily tempted by cheap rental fee, without checking what values they will get, and that costs them a lot. That’s what usually happens,” Agus said (, May 18, 2018).

Agus suggested people pay attention to safety, security, and comfort aspects. Do not rent a car that does not fit your expectations just because the price offered is very tempting.

Agus added that it is recommended to check the car that will be rented first. If allowed, ask for a test drive.

“You don’t want to rent a car that is not as promised. For instance, the A/C is not working or worse, the brake fails, because some rented cars are not well maintained,” Agus reminded.

Right now, there are many car rentals that offer easy booking process. However, choosing and renting the right car is not that easy.

One of the tips, as published by (October 25, 2018), is finding a car according to the needs, including available budget, car size, the number of passengers, and destination. For instance, if you want to vacation with your family, then it’s recommended to rent the latest big-sized car such as MPV.

Equally important is choosing a trusted car rental. Some travelers are tempted by low rental fee, even though it doesn’t actually guarantee that you will get what you want. That’s why you have to carefully select the car rental.

Make sure to choose a car rental that has good ratings and testimonies from other travelers. You can gather the information from the internet, including reviews about the car rental that you have set your sights on. After that, use the positive reviews about the facility, cleanliness, driver’s service, and rental fees to choose the best car rental for you.

Moreover, the customer must make sure that the car rental company that they choose can give the best guarantees for its customers. For instance, professional drivers, out-of-town pick-up service, and travel insurance. Don’t forget to find the contact of the car rental to anticipate any unexpected incidence.

It is recommended to make the booking one week ahead. Especially during the holiday season, it is even better to book a car far ahead of the intended rental period. It is to ensure that the car you want is still available and the fee is still in the normal range.

TRAC, one of the business lines of PT Serasi Autoraya (SERA), provides reliable transport rental service, including during the holiday season.

TRAC offers various types of cars with prime service and high-quality maintenance. The service is available for both individual and corporate customers. TRAC can be an ideal option to fulfill the people’s need for transport at any time.

Currently, TRAC offers 40,000 cars, from SUVs, MPVs, to buses. TRAC also provides service according to needs, which is renting a car with or without the driver.

With routine maintenance, all TRAC cars are guaranteed to be always ready for use. Furthermore, TRAC always prioritizes the safety and the convenience of customers and gives travel insurance to all customers.

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