Ensuring Used Car to be in Top Condition After Homebound Trip

Jakarta – After a homebound trip using your own car, be it new or used, you certainly want to resume your activities with a car that’s in top condition. Hence, maintenance is needed to ensure that your car is still in top condition.

One of the things to do is washing your car, from its body to the undercarriage, the engine compartment, and the interior. Citing Otomart (June 16, 2018), checking must be done thoroughly, especially in the undercarriage and the parts where oil might seep into.

Washing your car can indeed be very important, especially if you went to a beach for Eid holiday. You’d need to wash your car to prevent rusting caused by the salts.

Moreover, during a homebound trip, travelers often encounter potholed or bad roads that might damage the undercarriage components such as shock absorber, ball joint, tie rod, and others, so that they need to be replaced. You can check them yourself while having your car washed before taking it to an auto repair shop.

As cited from CNN Indonesia (June 19, 2019), signs that a car needs tracking and balancing include steering wheel that feels heavier to the left or to the right and vibration on steering wheel. “Check also the car wheels that often hit holes on the road, because the bolts might get loose a bit without the driver realizing when the car runs in medium or high speed,” CNN Indonesia wrote.

Another point to pay attention to is changing the engine oil. Travelers do not need to be in a hurry to change the oil right after they get home. Many travelers quickly change the oil, even though they have just put in new oil before they left for their hometown.

What you need to do first is check the car’s mileage. If you usually change the oil every five thousand kilometers while your return trip to your hometown took 1,500 kilometers, then your car can still be used for maybe 3,500 kilometers more. If it’s not the time for oil changing yet, you only need to check whether there’s any oil leaking.

After a long-distance trip, don’t forget to check the components of brake and transmission system. Long-distance trip with high speed or congestion usually will wear down brake lining or transmission system because it’s used a lot.

Even though those components can still be used and do not need changing yet, the new owner of a used car is recommended to run a check still. For instance, dusting them or the worn-down brake linings.

Checking the condition of the air conditioner of a used car must not be forgotten either. Start by checking the cabin filter, compressor, cleanliness of the condensor, and the refrigerant pressure. It’s because car users often miss paying attention to the A/C when it’s actually one of the most important elements that make driving comfortable.

All in all, people have to make sure that the used car they’re going to buy is in a good condition. One of the ways to do it is buying the car in a trusted showroom.

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