Logistics Industry Showered with Blessings during Ramadan

Jakarta – Ramadan is one of the peak seasons for courier industry.Indonesian Express Couriers Association (Asperindo) stated that the demand during this year’s Ramadan had increased by around 30% compared to last year’s demand.

Asperindo Chair Mohamad Feriadi predicted that until the end of June, delivery traffic would still be high, even though the number usually decreased during Eid al-Fitr holidays. “It only returns to normal afterwards,” he said (, May 29, 2019).

Feriadi said that the association was instructing its members to maintain the quality of their services. This effort was made to ensure that there would be no complaint regarding delayed deliveries of packages due to high demand.

However, it still depends on each logistics company to implement their own delivery strategies. "In a plenary meeting, we asked all management, members, and others to maintain optimal services," Feriadi said.

Feriadi explained that courier business growth had strong relationship with online stores and e-commerce. As more customers shopped through e-commerce during Ramadan, the more positive it would be for courier industry, and vice versa.

People who shop online do not only come from Jakarta, but also outside Jakarta. This is the opportunity for courier business. "The goods sent are mostly fashion items, electronics, and foods. However, fashion items still dominate," Feriadi said.

Feriadi added that Ramadan was not only the peak season for courier or logistics industry. Year-end promotions by e-commerce companies every year also often shower the industry with blessings.

Meanwhile, Supply Chain Indonesia (SCI) predicted that logistics sector would grow by 11.56% from Rp797.3 trillion in 2018 to Rp889.4 trillion in 2019.

Operating in logistics sector, SELOG as a subsidiary of PT Serasi Autoraya (SERA) is part of this growing industry. SELOG offers various end-to-end logistics services, including courier services. In general, the express courier services are divided into standard service and solution service.

Standard service includes same-day service, next-day service,danregular service. Meanwhile, with solution service, you do not need to worry if you need a special service like VPD (valuable, perishable, dangerous goods) to send documents or oversized packages that cannot be sent using the usual cargo service.