The Type of Car Homebound Travelers Prefer to Use

Jakarta – In Indonesia, Eid al-Fitr is associated with homebound trip. As an event when people ask for forgiveness and gather with the parents, relatives, and friends in their hometowns, homebound trip is an annual agenda that cannot be missed.

To support mobility during homebound trip, many people prefer to use private cars. Comfort is usually the main consideration.  

It is no wonder then that ahead of Eid al-Fitr, used car sales will always increase. The most popular type of car is MPV, including Toyota Avanza.

The mainstream car is definitely on the list of cars that people want to use for homebound trip every year, especially since the car has many variants.

For example, Avanza of the 1.3-liter variant is priced between Rp188.6 millionto Rp221.25 million, while 1.5-liter variant is priced at Rp221.25 million. Meanwhile, Toyota Veloz (1.3-liter and 1.5-liter variants)is priced between Rp215.65 million to Rp239.45 million.

However, those who are bored with MPV can choose to use SUV for their homebound trip, especially since nowadays there are many affordable SUVs with prices close to the prices of MPV.The advantage is SUV itself is that it has high ground clearance.

A SUV that is quite ideal in terms of price and specifications for homebound trip is Toyota Rush. The car is built based on Toyota Avanza, so the characteristics are similar. Toyota Rush is called the SUV version of family car. It is priced at Rp239.9 million for G MT variant and Rp261.3 million for TRD Sportivo AT variant.

Transportation observer Soegeng Poernomo said that seven-seater cars are still the most sought-after for homebound trip. This type eases mobility when the travelers are in their hometowns. “Eid al-Fitr is a family event. People rarely go out alone, which is why minibus is still the favorite. Minibus with a capacity of seven passengers,” he said (, May 13, 2019).

However, Soegeng added that it is also not rare to find a traveler who is insistent on going back to their hometown with their family using a minibus that are not in a good condition. This may result in the car breaking down and causing traffic jam.

It was not only new cars but used cars are also sought after for homebound  trip in 2019. The searches for used cars had experienced increase a week before Eid al-Fitr 2019.Compared to the searches in the same period last year, the increase reached 28%, from 1.075 million to 1.372 million searches. "Meanwhile, the peak of the searches occurred on the second week of Ramadan, with 11%," wrote (May 26, 2019).

The most sought-after used cars ahead of homebound trip this year was Toyota Avanza. The people who searched for this car mostly came from Bandung, Surabaya, East Jakarta, South Jakarta, and Bekasi, and the price they were most interested in was Rp152 million.

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